We asked MEnt graduates to tell us about what they thought of the course and how it had affected their lives and careers.

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Carmelo Romano, Entrepreneur
'As the saying goes, little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Reflecting back and comparing the level of my understanding of a business situation before and after I read for M.Ent, I ponder and wonder how my business survived the years prior to taking the M.Ent modules. My outlook now is totally different. Immediately a new idea or an opportunity crops up, a complex set of processes are fired up and analysis on different facets of the opportunity are triggered. I can safely say that post M.Ent, the risks I expose my business to are now much more calculated.'

Nick Sammut, Deputy Dean Faculty of ICT
'The M.Ent. course at CEBI is very down-to-earth and takes a hands-on approach to setting up your own company. The way the course is organised makes it very convenient to manage your own time without forfeiting your other personal commitments. The lecturers are top-notch experts who have set-up and helped finance several businesses so you get a lot of practical information that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

It’s a master course, so it involves hard work, but I must say I really enjoyed every minute of it. The course inspires you to learn how others started up their business. It sharpens your skills and stimulates your imagination on how you could set up your own enterprise and avoid several pitfalls. I was rather sad it was over by the end of it and I kind-of wanted it to start all over again!'

Melania Spiteri, Entrepreneur

'The M.Ent course is structured in an easy to follow format that anyone can follow. Coming from a scientific background with absolutely no idea of enterprise or business I initially felt inundated yet it was the best course I have ever done. The assignments given were varied giving practical examples which could easily be applied to any business. I have never learnt so much! The M.Ent course gave me the opportunity to work with great mentors and people from different backgrounds creating new and valuable contacts. Above all it allowed me to really understand and appreciate the importance of planning not only in business but also in life.'

Tristan Camilleri, Entrepreneur

'Having read for an M.Ent. has provided me with the necessary tools to effectively take, on a well-reasoned basis, the necessary and often difficult business decisions. The skills I acquired are also very useful in day to day situations and have changed my angle of approach in tackling difficulties. I would blindly recommend this course to anyone wishing to hone their entrepreneurial skills.'

Mandy Mifsud, Entrepreneur
'Following the M.Ent was one of the best decisions I ever made. The approach was completely practical and the taught lectures made me reflect on my current skills whilst also opening a whole new world to me. A world in which I gained confidence in my abilities, recognised opportunities where I previously saw none and learnt new skills from people who practiced what they preached. A world in which everything seemed possible if you worked hard and smart enough and got the right people to help you. I truly feel the M.Ent was one of the most positive and motivating experiences in my life.'

Dr Nicola Magro Axelsson, Lawyer

'Having read for this masters meant that I obtained the tools and an insight to a methodology that practical experience in the field does not yield. The importance of following the methodology becomes clear especially in the financial aspect, since the tools provided allow one to assess a business idea constructively and objectively with minimal loss of financial investment and time. For me this was the greatest lesson which is something that actually can be applied across board in most aspects of life as well.'

Rachelle Muschamp, Entrepreneur

'It's hard to narrow my gratitude for this course in a few words. I can honestly say that my life changed 180 degrees after this amazing year. From hustling many jobs, and being a bit clueless in how to live my life to the fullest of my capabilities, I am now in my 6th month of freelancing and in complete freedom to live according to my passions. And not only that, I have made friends for life, some which I can call my family. I know wherever I am in life, I can always call upon them and the knowledge I gained.'

Colonel Nic Cassar, Soldier
'The Masters in Entrepreneurship has had a positive influence on my approach in dealing with business and companies that I frequently communicate with and work alongside on a daily basis. Having now gained an “insider’s understanding” on how enterprises are run, I use the knowledge gained, to negotiate confidently and influence discussions towards viable business solutions. This knowledge, is accompanied by an understanding of the “language” used in business and enterprises. Key words, terms and phrases are no longer alien but now part of my vocabulary. This enables me to actively participate in business discussions on a more level platform increasing the possibility of positive outcomes.'

Anthony Sant, Entrepreneur
'The Master in Knowledge Based Entrepreneurship course was a big breath of fresh air. The way it is delivered is not comparable to any other course at the University of Malta. Through it, I grew to appreciate the true meaning of being an entrepreneur. It is fine to have different streams of income and to move on from one project to next, constantly looking for the next 'big thing'. The course also introduced me to a strong network of support for would be entrepreneurs and this support continues well after the end of the lectures themselves.'