What you need to know


What is PLAS?
PLAS stands for Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Who is eligible to follow PLAS Units?
Units in the Programme are open to persons who are deemed to have the ability to follow such Units with profit. Acceptance may be subject to a short interview. Most Units do not have specific requirements. Certain qualifications and/or experience may be specified for particular Units. You can refer to the study-unit database to check if the Unit you wish to follow has any pre-requisites.

I’ve always wanted to go to university but never had the opportunity – how do I know that I can cope?
PLAS offers applicants maximum flexibility and the opportunity to study at one's own pace. If you face any difficulties, feel free to contact the Centre for help.

In my younger days I had studied Sciences but I am now interested in following some Units in Economics – is this doable?
Yes, you can choose to follow Units from whichever area of study being offered. The majority of Units are of an Introductory level; others are of a Higher level. Please refer to the list of PLAS Units for further details on Units.

I am interested in following some Units but I work full-time and am not interested in doing assignments. May I still apply?
Lectures will normally be held between 18:00 and 20:00 to allow applicants working full-time to follow PLAS Units. Assignments must be done for accreditation to be given. However, you may attend lectures/seminars without eventually being assessed. The same application procedures and fees apply.

Is there a fixed programme of studies to be followed?
No, PLAS is an innovative programme because students get to choose their own programme of studies from the range of Units offered.

Are PLAS Units part of the undergraduate courses?
No, these Units are specially designed for PLAS and are not part of undergraduate programmes.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of Units I can register for?

No, students are free to follow as many Units as they like, given that there are no time-table clashes between the different Units.


How much are the fees for each PLAS Unit?
4 ECTS credits Units: EUR 180*

PLAS Tech Units (4 ECTS credits each)

4 ECTS credits:
EUR 340*
EUR 200* for full-time University of Malta students

Do different tuition fees apply for overseas students?
No, the same fees apply for Maltese, EU/EEA and Non-EU/EEA nationals.

When do I need to settle fees?
Payments are made through the online application process. On successful submission of your application form, you will be sent an email confirming that payment was received.
*A late application fee of EUR 20 per Unit applies.


When can I apply?
Applications for PLAS Units will be received from 30 December 2021 to 25 January 2022

Are applications only available online?

Yes, applications are only available online. Refer to the information which will guide you through the process.
This facility has the advantages of being available 24/7, can be submitted from the comfort of your home and the Unit fee/s can be paid through a secure online payment system. However, applicants who prefer completing the application with the support of University staff will be able to make use of the Online Application facility from computers available at the offices of the Centre for the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

How long will it take to fill in and submit the online form?
It should take around ten minutes to complete the online application form. You also have the possibility of starting an application and saving it, to be completed at a later date. An application is only considered as submitted when it has been fully filled in and when the respective fees have been paid.

When starting an application, should I click on New User or Login?
When creating an application for the first time, please select New User. You will then be asked to create a username and password of your choice. Should you have started an application and saved it to continue later, the next time you try to access your application, please insert the username and password you would have created when you first started your application and select LOGIN. However, once you register, your details will be retained and retrieved when subsequent applications are opened.

I wish to withdraw my application. Will the fees I paid be refunded?
Fees are fully refunded only if the Unit is not offered due to an insufficient number of applicants or if the applicant is not accepted to follow the Unit after a short interview. If an applicant withdraws before the Unit starts or within the first month of the semester, the fee is refunded but an administrative fee of €20 is retained. After the first month of the semester, fees are non-refundable.

If I apply for a Unit which will then not be given, can I change it to another one?

Do I need to submit a new application for each Unit I apply for?
No, you can apply for more than one Unit on offer in the same semester. However, a new application needs to be submitted each semester.

In my application, do I need to specify whether I am registering for a Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma or Degree?
No, in the online application, you are not asked to apply for a Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma or Degree. You apply for individual Units.

How to do I apply for a Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma or Degree?

When students accumulate enough ECTS credits, they are entitled to the following Awards:
a Certificate in Liberal Studies if they obtain at least 30 Credits;
a Diploma in Liberal Studies if they obtain at least 60 Credits, provided that not more than 40 Credits are at the Introductory Level;
a Higher Diploma in Liberal Studies if they obtain at least 120 Credits, provided that not more than 60 Credits are at the Introductory Level;
a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies if they obtain at least 180 Credits, of which not more than 80 Credits at the Introductory Level.

Once you obtain the number of ECTS credits required for a qualification, you may contact the Centre and indicate your wish to be granted the award.

Regulations for the Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences

Statute of the Centre for the Liberal Arts and Sciences

Information on the PLAS Research project (12 ECTS)

General FAQs

Where will lectures be held?
Lectures will normally be held between 18:00 and 20:00 at the Main Campus (Msida) or the Valletta Campus.

Where can I find the timetable?
Download the timetable [PDF] for PLAS Units on offer in February 2022 - June 2022.

How can I contact the Centre?
Contact the Centre by email or call on +2340 2772/3.

What is a semester?
An academic year consists of two semesters, each incorporating 14 weeks of teaching, two weeks of recess, and examination periods of two weeks and of four weeks at the end of the first and the second semester respectively. 

What are ECTS credits?
The allocation of credit to study-units forming part of a Programme of Study follows the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) proposed by the European Commission. ECTS credits are a numerical value (between 1 and 60) allocated to study-units to describe the student workload required to complete them. They reflect the quantity of work each study-unit requires in relation to the total quantity of work necessary to complete a full year of academic study, that is, lectures, practical work, seminars, tutorials, fieldwork, private study in the library or at home and examinations or other assessment activities. ECTS is thus based on a full student workload and not limited to contact hours only. In the ECTS system, 60 credits represent the workload of one academic year of study.