Global Entrepreneurship Congress

Between 15 and 18 April 2019, Bahrain hosted the 11th Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC). First launched in 2009 in Kansas City, the GEC has successfully grown into a network of thousands of delegates from more than 170 nations. The GEC offers a platform which unifies the knowledge, voices and perspectives of various industry professionals ranging from policymakers, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs.

The core focus of the 2019 GEC was on highlighting contemporary modes which may assist entrepreneurs to start and scale their new ventures. The congress also addressed important economic themes including the global entrepreneurial revolution, high-performance ecosystems and inclusive economies. Through exploring emerging market trends, delegates were provided with a thorough understanding of the entrepreneurial environment and the skills required to create a viable and sustainable enterprise.

This year's line-up of speakers included Skype founder Jonas Kjellberg and Guy Kawasaki from Apple’s co-founding team.

The event was attended by Dr Leonie Baldacchino, Director of the Edward de Bono Institute.