Doctoral Committee administrators

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Faculty of Arts
Nadette Xuereb

Faculty for the Built Environment
Jacqueline Deguara
Faculty of Dental Surgery
Jessica Cassar
Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy
Stephanie Abood
Faculty of Education
David Pisani
Faculty of Engineering
Shirley Cutajar
Faculty of Health Sciences
Dianne Azzopardi

Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Nathalie Cauchi
Faculty of Laws
Helen Camilleri Formosa
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Doris Wright
Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences
Faculty of Science
Michelle Spiteri
Faculty for Social Wellbeing
Alison Darmanin
Faculty of Theology
Annabelle Camilleri


Institute of Aerospace Technologies
Darleen Abela
International Institute for Baroque Studies
Gianluca Mercieca Valletta
Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Romina Zammit
Institute of Digital Games
Renita Agius
Institute of Earth Systems
Sharon Cross
Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking
Josianne Sciberras
Institute for European Studies
Carmen Zammit
Islands and Small States Institute
Godianne Montebello
Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology
Jessica Formosa
Institute of Maltese Studies
Daniel Borg
Mediterranean Institute
Isabelle Abela
Institute for Sustainable Energy
Aaron Grech
Institute of Space, Sciences and Astronomy
Robert Grech

Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture
Elisa Attard
Mireille Stubbings


Centre for Biomedical Cybernatics
Allison Sultana
Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health

Centre for English Language Proficiency
Kelcy Mizzi White
Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research
Sarah Anne Falzon

Centre for Molecular Medicine and Biobanking
Graziella Azzopardi

Centre for the Study and Practice of Conflict Resolution
Zuzana Farrugia

Centre for Environmental Education and Research


School of Performing Arts
Stefan Sacco

Doctorate in Pharmacy

Anabel Decesare