Doctoral School

Support and advice

Support and advice

The University provides a wealth of advice and support for its doctoral researchers covering academic and professional development, and more personal issues that may arise in the course of your studies.     

The list provided below should help you work out who to talk to. The order is the one recommended but it is certainly not prescriptive. Feel free to approach any of the people/entities to find a way forward:

Your supervisors should be your first port-of-call for advice and support on any matter. If they can’t help they will direct you to somebody within UM who can.
You may find this video useful.

Each Faculty, Institute, Centre and School has an experienced academic member of staff who convenes its Doctoral Committee. From them you can seek advice if you need to talk to someone beyond your supervisory team.
Go to the full list of the current Doctoral Committee Chairs.

Each Faculty, Institute, Centre and School has an administrator, often responsible for handling the work associated with doctoral candidates, who can help you.
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The School provides advice to students and supervisors on policies and practices concerning doctoral research, including informal matters about the supervisory relationship.
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Student Representatives are the link between students and the University. Doctoral Researchers may contact their representative should they require advice or to deal with a complaint. 

The student representatives on the Doctoral School committees are:
Doctoral School Governing Board
Edel Cassar
Elizabeth Pisani

Professional Development Committee
Rebecca Anastasi
Believe Ayodele

KSU is the students' union and is independent of the University of Malta’s formal structures. It can assist you if you feel that you have a formal complaint to make in connection with your doctoral studies.
KSU website.

The Health and Wellness Centre is based in the building by the secondary entrance gate to the University Msida Campus. Counselling Services, Mental Health Services, Nutritional Advice, Tobacco Cessation Support, Sexual Health Clinic, and advice on Drug-Related issues are all available at the Centre. Moreover, the building also houses the Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre and its various services.
Get to know more about this Centre.

KTO is there to assist research students on matters concerning copyright, intellectual property, and commercialising research.
KTO website.

Don’t forget that your fellow students and other members of the department or research entity, besides family and friends, can provide help and assistance throughout your journey. Furthermore, the National Service Supportline 179 offers immediate and unbiased help to people who are in times of difficulty or crisis. 
Don’t hesitate to ask for support if you need it so that the period of time spent at the University of Malta will be fulfilling and rewarding.