About us

'Promoting an Educated Public in a Participatory Democracy'

Education is fundamental as a public service that has benefits for both societies and for individuals. Education supports individuals in their quest to lead meaningful lives and helps societies to flourish. For these reasons, education is the intellectual birthright of all persons without distinction. 

The Faculty of Education therefore values and promotes education both as good in itself and for its practical outcomes, that is, for what it achieves for the individual, for its contribution to social integration and justice, as well as for its economic value. 

The Faculty of Education stands for the lifelong pursuit of knowledge, for social relevance to various communities, and for the promotion of scholarly and professional inquiry. As an education Faculty, it is committed to developing and implementing powerful pedagogical practices that foster meaningful learning. As a knowledge-driven Faculty, it invests heavily and strategically in research of international quality in the field of education and its cognate disciplines. As a community-oriented Faculty, it strives to engage with the world as it is, in order to imagine a world as it could and should be. It is therefore motivated by an ideal of academic freedom within a critical and reflective paradigm of hope. As a Maltese Faculty open to regional and international influences, it contributes to on-going local and international debates regarding education broadly understood, as well as to educational policy-making at local, national and supranational levels.