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With the goal of nourishing an educated public for the sake of a participatory democracy, the Faculty of Education prides itself in promoting the lifelong pursuit of knowledge in order to contribute towards social integration, justice and economic value of society. 

We are committed to developing and implementing powerful pedagogical practices that foster meaningful learning. As a  the knowledge-driven and community-oriented Faculty, we offer a number at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Our undergraduate degree courses focus on a variety of areas ranging from Inclusive Education to Science & Technology:

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Science for Education and Communication (four specializations: Physics, Geosciences, Chemistry, and Biology)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Home Economics
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Technical Design and Technology
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Facilitating Inclusive Education
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Education and Care

We also offer Top-Up degrees which serve as a foundation and are flexible enough to be undertaken on a part-time or full-time basis. 

Having been ranked amongst one of the top Education Faculties in the world, we offer a wide variety of postgraduate degrees:

  • Masters in Teaching and Learning
  • Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management
  • Master of Arts in Open and Networked Higher Education
  • Master of Education in these areas (French; Technical Design and Technology; Health, Family and Consumer Studies; Ethics)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Developing the Educator
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Mentoring
  • Postgraduate Certificate in the Teaching of Ethics in Schools
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching of Maltese as a Foreign Language

The courses offered not only prepare one for the ever changing and developing society, but also enable our graduates to pass on the knowledge acquired for the benefit of society as a whole by making them eligible to work and teach in the respective areas of interest.

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