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Malta Educational Research Association

Malta Educational Research Association (MERA) is a voluntary, professional and scientific association engaged in educational research. The Association organizes its activities in the territory of the Republic of Malta. The current address of the Association is at the Faculty of Education, Room 231, University of Malta, Msida, MSD 2080, Malta. Phone: 2340-2932.

MERA Flyer [PDF]

The purposes of the Association are:
  • To promote and organize educational research and support educators to contribute to the overall social development through research in the domain of education
  • To encourage the study of relevant theoretical and practical problems in education
  • To support the professional and scientific activities of its members
  • To contribute to the research capacity building
  • To contribute to the highest ethics standards and quality of educational research
  • To liaise researcher members with education policy makers
  • To liaise researcher members of the Association with international organisations.

In order to fulfill its purposes the Association will seek and join membership of similar international and regional organisations. As well, the Association will be receptive to collaboration with other scientific and professional organizations. The Statute of the Malta Educational Research Association is available by clicking here [PDF].

To achieve the adopted goals and objectives, the Malta Educational Research Association will conduct and/or initiate its own research activity, organize scientific and professional meetings; support the work of its members, facilitate the exchange of research-related information and organize other forms of collaborative research work.

Membership is available to individuals engaged or interested in educational research, assessment or evaluation of educational practice. Members of the Malta Educational Research Association may be regular, honorary or associate members.
  • Regular members of the Malta Educational Research Association are educators who are engaged in research in the Republic of Malta.
  • Honorary members of the Association are, Maltese educators, nationals living or working abroad who provide a significant contribution to the development of MERA. 
  • Associate Members of may be students and educators from Malta and other countries who are engaged in educational research and wish to contribute to the work of MERA. 

MERA members are expected to:
  • actively contribute to attainment of MERA goals 
  • participate in activities of MERA in accordance with their interests
  • take a direct part in decision-making
  • perform activities entrusted to them by MERA Administrative Board
  • abide by the provisions of MERA decisions
  • pay yearly membership fee on a regular basis.


If you are interested in joining the Malta Educational Research Association, please fill out and send us the Membership Application Form (PDF).

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Last Updated: 6 June 2018

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