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Welcome to the Department of Education Studies

In the Western World, since the times of Ancient Greeks, education has become an object of study. Plato’s (circa 420 BC) book The Republic is a testimony of this. Whiles the study of education often questions what knowledge is and who produces it, it is also fundamentally linked to societies’ well-being and the individual personal growth.

The members of our Department continue to make education as their focus of study. This is done through various disciplines, particularly from a sociological, psychological, philosophical and historical dimension. We try to merge disciplinary knowledge and method to address particular educational issues. Through their research and publications, particular members have also made a name for themselves both in the international education research arena as well locally. Also, several members have delved deeply into the study of education research and methodologies. 

The teaching of Ethics in Schools and the teaching of Personal Social Career Development, given the nature of these two curricular subjects, are housed in this Department. 

Particular members have developed their research in particular areas: Comparative Education (Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research) and Prison and Re-Entry Education.

I invite you to browse through the webpages of our Department to come to know better what our aims are, who we are and what we stand for. If you would like more information about our Department do not hesitate to contact any member of the Department.


Dr Victor Martinelli
Head of Department
Department of Education Studies

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