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Welcome to the Department of Health, Physical Education and Consumer Studies

This is a dynamic department which has as its main goal the promotion of wellbeing of individuals at different stages of the lifecycle, as well as that of families and communities. This is currently achieved through training of teachers for Primary and Secondary schools in the areas of Home Economics, Physical Education, Textiles Studies and Food and Textile Technology, and through preparation of teachers for work in the community, such as via NGOs, in after school sport programmes and in other public events. 

HPECS faculty conduct and supervise research related to health, food, physical education, physical activity, sports, textiles, fashion, sustainable consumption, curriculum development, teaching and learning resources and pedagogies and health communication, amongst others. They also do outreach work in schools, via professional institutions, at places of work, via NGOs and on the mass media. The emphasis is on responsible lifestyle choices and use of resources for personal, family and societal growth. 

HPECS students are guided to pursue their choice of career as educators in a rigorous and dedicated manner worthy of its value to human and national development. They are offered opportunities to practice and do project work in the formal and non-formal education settings. Creativity, innovation and reflection on practice are encouraged and supported.

Dr Suzanne Piscopo
Head of Department
Department of Health, Physical Education and Consumer Studies


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