About us

If you are reading this, it is probably because you are interested in becoming a Geography, Mathematics or Science teacher. The Department of Mathematics & Science Education (DMSE) is responsible for three main subject areas: Geography education, Mathematics education and Science education. 

DMSE strives towards providing quality initial teacher education as well as research in these subject disciplines and in areas closely related to them. The academic members of staff who form part of DMSE focus on promoting innovative classroom practices that are in line with contemporary teaching and learning theories. As a department we strive to prepare committed and reflective teachers and we will guide you to develop a personal response to the challenges of education.

The academic members of this department are also involved in providing other postgraduate programmes, professional development for teachers, contributions to national and international conferences, dissemination of research work in journals and participation in international research projects with other foreign universities.

It is our intention, as a department, to make your time with us a meaningful and formative learning experience that will strongly influence your future professional career.

What is unique to the Department of Mathematics & Science Education (DMSE)?

The Department of Mathematics & Science Education (DMSE) is the result of a faculty restructuring process that has been going on for a number of years and that came into fruition during academic year 2014-2015. This Department is an offshoot of the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technical Education [DMSTE] which was set up in 1991. 

DMSE includes the subject areas of Geography, Mathematics and Science and has nine full time members of staff. It focuses on initial teacher training and research in pedagogy and disciplines closely linked to it.

The Department of Mathematics & Science Education has been established to help build a unifying curricular identity around Geography, Mathematics and Science in the Maltese educational system.  

Link with the Faculty Vision

Through its mission statement DMSE strives at supporting the faculty vision of ‘promoting an educated public in a participatory democracy’. 

The DMSE plans to:   

  • provide quality initial teacher education for prospective teachers of Geography, Mathematics and Science 
  • support practising teachers in these three curricular areas through ongoing continuous professional development initiatives  
  • provide quality postgraduate study programmes and research-based initiatives for educators to develop into enquiring, reflective practitioners who can engage with research to shape and lead educational change 
  • provide quality undergraduate education programmes that promote the dissemination and popularisation of Geography, Mathematics and Science.

How does the Department of Mathematics & Science Education function within the Faculty, University and the community?

The DMSE within the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta is committed to:

  • support students and academic members of staff within the Faculty of Education, educators in schools, and the community at large to better understand the complex processes of teaching and learning Geography, Mathematics and Science
  • develop meaningful and accessible programmes of study at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels 
  • carry out research in the areas of Geography, Mathematics and Science education and related areas of knowledge.