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Welcome to the Department of Midwifery

The Department of Midwifery currently consists of six full-time members of staff, all of whom are contemporaneously conducting research in a wide selection of subjects which are of importance for the woman and her family, throughout their life-span.

Research is currently taking place in these areas:

  • Transition to parenthood;
  • Preparation for parenthood;
  • Competencies in spiritual care;
  • Neonatal care;
  • Parental-fetal relationship;
  • Perinatal mental health;
  • Childbearing migrant women; and
  • Midwifery education.

 Midwifery is a family-centered health care discipline founded on the relationships between women, families and their midwives. The Department aims at:

  • Preparing effective, efficient and competent midwives;
  • Promoting a culture of life-long learning that is open, facilitative, research-led and graduate centred;
  • Contributing high quality research to client care and professional education;
  • Building a strong partnership with colleagues of the various health care departments and the local health care services, to ensure that the midwifery programmes and research activities are grounded in practice;
  • Providing openness and inclusiveness in all areas of education and practice;
  • Sharing and disseminating knowledge and expertise to support women, their families, and society at large; and 
  • Establishing links with European and international colleagues and students through bilateral agreements; Erasmus exchanges; participation in and  coordination of projects; international conferences and study visits.

The Department strives to provide high quality pre-registration education and training for student midwives; together with continuous professional development programmes, a Masters’ degree and PhD programmes.

The Department’s academic members actively participate in local and international research, conferences, projects and committees and give a valid contribution in both local and international arenas. 

Dr Josephine Attard



Master of Science programme in Diabetes Care
The Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery will be offering a new Master of Science programme in Diabetes Care.

This Master degree will provide a clinical specialist postgraduate opportunity for practicing medical, nursing and allied health professionals in an area where continued development of practice is needed. This programme of studies will take an interdisciplinary approach, bringing students and academics of the different professional groups within the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery together, allowing interdisciplinary teaching, learning and research.

For further details please follow this link.
The Professor Donia Baldacchino Research Fund
The Professor Donia Baldacchino Research Fund

When someone makes a big impact in our life, or when someone changes the community for good, it’s fitting to honour their contributions. On Wednesday 26th September,  we honoured Professor Donia Baldacchino, whose contribution left an impact on her colleagues, her students, her alumni, her family and her friends to an extent that it changed their lives.....

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