Meetings for Freshers

The Dean, Heads of Department and all members of staff of the Faculty of Health Sciences welcome all applicants who have been accepted/ provisionally accepted to join courses offered by the Faculty.


During Freshers Week, the University and the Faculty will be holding the following meetings. Freshers are expected to join these meetings.


Tuesday 5 October 2021 - Meeting with the Dean of the Faculty  

Dr Roberta Sammut, Dean will hold a meeting with all Freshers at 10.30hrs. The meeting will be held through Zoom.

First year students are encouraged to join the virtual meeting by clicking here.

Library Training Workshops  - Get to know more

IT Services online orientation sessions - Get to know more

Wednesday 6 October 2021 - Departmental Meetings


Bachelor of Science (Honours) 

Physics, Medical Physics and Radiation Protection: 8.00hrs; South Auditorium (Faculty of Health Sciences) 

Applied Food and Nutritional Sciences: 9.00hrs; Computer Lab Blk A, level 1, Rm 63 (Faculty of Health Sciences) 

Midwifery: 09.00hrs, South Auditorium (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Nursing: Group 1: 09.00hrs; Gateway Building Hall C (Msida Campus)

                Group 2: 12.00hrs; Gateway Building Hall C (Msida Campus)  

Applied Biomedical Science: 10.00hrs, South Auditorium (Faculty of Health Sciences

Occupational Therapy: 10.00hrs; Occupational Therapy (OT) Skills Lab Rm 34  (Laboratory Wing - Faculty of Health Sciences) 

Communication Therapy: 11.00hrs, South Auditorium (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Physiotherapy: 12.00hrs; Rehab and Exercise Lab (Laboratory Wing) Rm 10-11 (Faculty of Health Sciences)  

Radiography: 12.00hrs, South Auditorium (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Mental Health Nursing: 13.00hrs; South Auditorium (Faculty of Health Sciences) 

Podiatry: 13.00hrs; Podiatry Lab (Laboratory wing Rm 16, Faculty of Health Sciences) 

Nursing: Preparatory Course for the B.Sc. (Honours) Nursing: 14.00hrs; South Auditorium (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Health Science: 9.00hrs; To join the virtual meeting, please click here 

Certificate for Graduate of Non-EU/EEA Nursing Programmes: 16.00hrs, South Auditorium (Faculty of Health Sciences)

 Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics: 10.00hrs; Computer Lab Blk A, level 1, Rm 63 (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Master of Science in Medical Physics: 14.15hrs; Computer Lab Blk A, level 1, Rm 63 (Faculty of Health Sciences)


Monday 4 October 2021 - Opening Ceremony

The ceremony will be live-streamed; To join please click here.


945hrs: Deans and Directors to gather in the covered pathway to Sir Temi Zammit Hall.

Kindly wear your gowns and mask before gathering in the pathway.

1000hrs: Procession of Deans and Directors to Hall 

Entrance Procession Music - The Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba - Handel

Introduction by Student

Address by Rector, Professor Alfred J. Vella

Speech by KSU President, Mr Neil Zahra

Music - Yesterday - Lennon & McCartney

Exit Procession Music - Palladio - Jenkins

1230hrs: Inauguration Mass at the University Chapel


Lectures for new students following day and evening courses commence on Monday 11 October. 


Important Notes from Departmental meetings with Freshers

Important Links for Freshers