The Scholarships and Bursaries process follows the procedures below:

The Office for Human Resources Management & Development, issues a call for applications in October and at any other dates as deemed appropriate each year, with a closing date usually set for mid-February or as deemed appropriate. Late applications are not considered.

Applications are made on the prescribed form which seeks such information as:

  • Relevant details of the applicant;
  • The subject chosen as an area of study and the reasons for the choice;
  • Clear recommendations and comments by the applicant’s Head of Department/Division, and Dean/Director of I/C/S, or the Head of the Administrative Directorate;
  • The priority given to each application when more than one application is submitted by the same Department/Division, the same F/I/C/S or the same Administrative Directorate.
  • An unambiguous letter of acceptance from the foreign institution where the applicant intends to study;
  • Whether the course of studies is to be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis, and in either case, the full duration of the course;
  • Registration and tuition fees.

The Scholarships and Bursaries Committee meets in April to select candidates on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Candidates must be resident academics, administrative or technical staff of the University.
  2. Candidates must be in possession of an unambiguous letter of acceptance, from the institution where they intend to study by the date the Committee meets to consider and award scholarships;
  3. In the selection of candidates, the Committee gives priority to the professional developmental needs of the University. Consequently, the Committee gives great importance to the recommendations and comments given by the candidates’ Head of Department/Division and Dean/Director of I/C/S in the case of academics, and by management in the case of administrative or technical staff; 
  4. Within the parameters of criterion ‘3’ above, the Committee gives priority to those candidates which whom the University has contractual obligations to provide funds for further studies.
  5. If following the awards to candidates who have contractual obligations, funds for further awards are available, the Committee will consider other applications, basing its selection and priority on the professional developmental needs of the University as cited in criterion ‘3’ above.

Letters of awards and non-awards are issued immediately following the selection of candidates meeting. Selected candidates are provided with details and conditions for the award, including the financial aspects. 

Candidates sent for doctoral studies overseas are normally expected to finish their studies in three years if conducted on a full-time basis and five years if conducted on a part-time basis. At the time of application, applicants should have a clear indication from their university regarding the time required to complete the studies.

Before proceeding overseas and commencing their studies, candidates are required to sign the necessary contract of obligations with the University.

Candidates are not allowed to change the nature of their studies from that stated in their application form except with the written permission of the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee. 

Periodically (roughly every three months if necessary) the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee meets to consider appeals against its decisions and requests for amendments to contracts. Any requests for extension of the time in which to complete the studies should be endorsed by the tutor at the foreign university. 

The Scholarships and Bursaries Committee is set up by Council.