About us

The Institute of Earth Systems was set up with the primary aim of carrying out teaching and research in environmental and rural sciences, with a focus on Earth's complex and dynamic systems.

Our approach transcends traditional disciplinary investigation by adopting a wide and integrated perspective of the Earth's dynamic systems: the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. This approach includes the need for considering people and their activities within planning and management frameworks, and the resulting focus on the synergies between science and policy-making is applied across all the Institute's courses. 

We invite you to explore our taught and research programmes at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and to browse the list of study-units we offer.

We aim to provide students on all our courses with an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience, and to equip our graduates with a problem-solving outlook which, combined with the scientific and management expertise acquired, is instrumental for success in their future lives and careers.

The Institute of Earth Systems also has a strong track record in international research and is able to draw on a wide network of research associates. A full list of publications by our staff members is available, and the Institute has also published a number of books in recent years, the complete texts of which are available for download.

To find out more, explore our website or contact us with any queries.