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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

By agreeing with the Terms and Conditions for Academic Software Licences, you confirm that the software will be used for academic purposes:

  • teaching 
  • research
  • personal educational development
  • development work associated with any of the above.

Academic use does not include consultancy or services leading to commercial exploitation of the software. The software cannot be used for monetary gain.

For Microsoft licences acquired through the Open License Program (OLP) - On termination of employment, all your licence rights will cease and you will remove any installed OLP software from your computer.

For Microsoft Full Packaged Products (FPP) - This software may be installed on one computer unless otherwise stated in the product’s licence agreement. The software will be used for academic purposes only.  The product is also being sold subject to the conditions set forth in the End-User Licence Agreement for Microsoft Software documentation supplied with the software package.

For other software licences - The licence period will start from date of activation and the software will become unusable when the licence expires, or when you are no longer a student or member of staff at the University of Malta.