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Archives and other VLEs

Archives and other VLEs

Archived VLE areas

Archived VLE areas are set to read-only, that is no further changes can be made to the areas.

Archived study-unit areas for 2019/20*, 2018/19, 2017/18, 2016/17 and 2015/16 are accessible from the UM VLE.

Archived class areas for 2019/20* and 2018/19 are accessible from the JC VLE.

*Tutors can amend the 2019/20 VLE areas but students are not able to make further contributions, such as forum posts, assignment submissions, etc. 

More information about our archiving policy.

Miscellaneous VLE

The Miscellaneous VLE caters for administrative, committees and other miscellaneous areas. Contact us if you require an area in the Miscellaneous VLE.

As per University policy, all study-unit and dissertation / FYP material should only be made available in the respective study-unit areas in the UM VLE or JC VLE and not in the Miscellaneous VLE.