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The University of Malta is committed to the use of electronic text-matching software - Turnitin - as one aspect of a broader strategy to deter and detect plagiarism. Turnitin is used by many universities around the world.

How does Turnitin work?

  • The tutor sets up Turnitin Assignment activities in the relevant UM VLE areas;
  • The students submit their work (assignment, FYP, long essay, dissertation, etc.) in the Turnitin Assignment activities. Students are allowed to submit a draft version of their work before submitting the final version for assessment purposes;
  • Turnitin compares the students' work against electronic sources including the Internet, books, journals and other students' work;
  • Turnitin generates an originality report indicating which parts of the students' work is unoriginal, together with a list of sources;
  • The tutor analyses the originality report carefully as part of the decision-making process to determine if students' work may have been plagiarised.

Turnitin itself makes no decisions as to whether or not the work has been plagiarised; it simply highlights sections of text that have been found in other sources in an originality report. Turnitin is not accessible to students unless the tutor creates the Turnitin Assignment activities in the UM VLE.