Dates and deadlines

The UM academic year commences every October but you can apply from the previous November onwards for your preferred course through the online application facility. Another intake on a smaller scale is also held in February.

The majority of Master's degrees by Research and all Doctoral Degrees (except for the Doctorate of Pharmacy degree) have more than one entry point. Prospective applicants can apply any time during the year. As part of the application process, applicants are required to submit a research proposal.

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Apply for the October 2018 intake

Deadline: 19 July, 14:00 CET
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For applicants of the Doctor of Medicine & Surgery (M.D.) course who are presenting overseas qualifications
Deadline: 15 March (no late applications will be considered)

What's next during this academic year (2017-18)

9 April - 25 May 2018
Continuation of semester 2

21 May - 25 May 2018
Revision period

26 May - 30 June 2018
Examinations session

11 June - 29 September 2018
Summer semester (for postgraduate courses spread over 3 semesters)

1 - 15 August 2018
Summer recess (within the summer semester)

1 - 14 September 2018
Supplementary examinations session