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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Analysis of photovoltaic projects in a Mediterranean islandRibeiro, F. A.; Yousif, Charles
2002Application of solar thermal energyMiles, Jonathan J.; Yousif, Charles
2016Assessing energy efficiency of a typical residential apartment blockYousif, Charles
2012Asset and operational energy performance rating of a modern apartment in MaltaYousif, Charles; Diez Mucientes, R.; Rey Martinez, Francisco Javier
2006Barriers and incentives for the widespread application of renewable energy in MaltaFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Mallia, Edward A.; Yousif, Charles
2013Comparison of solar radiation in Marsaxlokk, Malta and Valladolid, SpainYousif, Charles; Quecedo, Gorka Ona; Bilbao, Julia
2014Comparison of thermal transmittance of in-situ HCB walls as determined by infrared and heat flow testing methodsCurmi, Ronald; Grima, Charlon; Caruana, Caroline; Yousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Sarah
2002Comparison study between the performance of tracking and stationary solar photovoltaic systems in MaltaYousif, Charles
2005Contribution of solar applications towards achieving a renewable energy target for MaltaYousif, Charles
2017Determination of thermal characteristics of standard and improved hollow concrete blocks using different measurement techniquesCaruana, Caroline; Yousif, Charles; Bacher, Peder; Buhagiar, Sarah; Grima, Charlon
2014Development of a Stirling engine powered by parabolic trough collectorsMangion, Ronald; Muscat, Martin; Ghirlando, Robert; Sant, Tonio; Yousif, Charles; Vural, Sinan
2015Development of a thermally improved hollow concrete blockCaruana, Caroline; Yousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Spiridione; Grima, Charlon
2010The Eco-Gozo concept : from a sustainable energy perspectiveFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Mule Stagno, Luciano; Weissenbacher, Manfred; Yousif, Charles
2016The effect of different glazing apertures on the thermal performance of Maltese buildingsCaruana, Trevor F.; Yousif, Charles
2014-03-20Energy and environmental performances of small and innovative solar cooling systemsBeccali, Marco; Yousif, Charles
2014Energy efficiency survey of the Ganado Advocates officesAgosta, Antonino Fabio; Dierna, Giovanni Luca; Gileppo, Marco; Capodici, Baldassare; Geramia, Anna Maria Federica; Yousif, Charles; Scerri Diacono, Jotham
2005Energy efficient housing : a first case study for MaltaBuhagiar, Vincent; Yousif, Charles
2010Energy performance of residential buildings in MaltaYousif, Charles; Perez Garcia, Celia; Javier Rey Martinez, Francisco
2011Energy performance rating of dwellings in MaltaYousif, Charles; Gomez Royeula, Ignacio; Rey Martinez, Francisco Javier
2008Energy study in a Maltese householdFarrugia, Robert N.; Yousif, Charles; Villameriel Tejedor, Marta
2003Energy technology options for a better environmentFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Yousif, Charles
2009Energy, transport and waste management : a review of Maltese policies to combat climate changeYousif, Charles
2014Evaluation of chimney stack effect in a new brewery using DesignBuilder-EnergyPlus softwareTorre, S. de la; Yousif, Charles
2013Evaluation of design features to achieve higher energy efficiency for a modern office building in MaltaYousif, Charles; Cristobal Manchado, Maria
2010Feasibility study of the first energy-efficient housing project in MaltaCamilleri, Ann-Marie; Yousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Vincent
1997First-hand experience of solar photovoltaic grid-connection in MaltaYousif, Charles; Scerri, Edward
2017Gauging the effectiveness of a resource management awareness campaign on a central Mediterranean islandRefalo, Paul; Farrugia, Robert N.; Mule Stagno, Luciano; Yousif, Charles; Sant, Tonio; Jakkel, Nora; Zammit, Anthony; Portelli, Joseph
2014Global, diffuse, direct, and ultraviolet solar irradiance recorded in Malta and atmospheric component influencesBilbao, Julia; Roman, Roberto; Yousif, Charles; Perez-Burgos, Ana M.; Miguel, Argimiro de
2013Ground-source heat pumps : benefits of using phase change materialsBottarelli, Michele; Bortoloni, Marco; Georgiev, Aleksandar; Aydin, Ahmet Alper; Su, Yuehong; Yousif, Charles
2013Ground-source heat pumps using phase change materialsBottarelli, Michele; Georgiev, Aleksandar; Aydin, Ahmet Alper; Su, Yuehong; Yousif, Charles
1996Hands-on experience of the setting-up of a stand-alone photovoltaic demonstration project in MaltaScerri, Ennio; Yousif, Charles
2014Heat transfer characteristics of locally manufactured hollow concrete blocksCaruana, Caroline; Yousif, Charles
2007High concentration PV systemPereles, Oscar; Bett, Andreas W.; Lockenhoff, Rudiger; Lupfert, Eckhard; Haberle, Andreas; Fernandez, Jesus; Strobi, Gerhard; Faiman, David; Soler, Robert; Yousif, Charles
2003A hybrid wind/solar photovoltaic system for Malta : a case study for supplying power to a reverse osmosis desalination plantFarrugia, Robert N.; Yousif, Charles
2008Impact of domestic solar water heating on an energy audit of a residence in MaltaVillameriel Tejedor, M.; Farrugia, Robert N.; Yousif, Charles
2013Increasing PV module output with flat reflectors – a scenario in MaltaGrech, Martin; Mule Stagno, Luciano; Yousif, Charles
2016Influence of cloudiness on erythemal solar irradiance in Marsaxlokk, Malta : two case studiesBilbao, Julia; Mateos, David; Yousif, Charles; Miguel, Argimiro de
2018An innovative approach to manage uncertainties and stock diversity in the EPBD cost-optimal methodologyGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles; Cellura, Maurizio; Camilleri, Liberato
2002The integrated science and technology program : offering a new paradigm for teaching energy concepts and technologiesMiles, Jonathan J.; Yousif, Charles
2000Integrating renewable energy studies in under-graduate curriculum : the IET/ISAT experienceYousif, Charles; Scerri, Edward; Miles, Jonathan
2016Intelligent retrofitting of a primary school building in MaltaGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles; Scicluna, Simon; Camilleri, Alexandra; Portelli, Robert; Chircop, John; Vella, Roberta; Cutajar, Aaron; Schembri, Maurizio; Borg, Nadine; Mifsud, James
1998Interfacing a solar photovoltaic system with the national electricity grid in MaltaYousif, Charles; Scerri, Edward
2018Interreg Europe zeroco2 project - action plan for Malta to promote near zero co2 emission buildingsGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles
2016Investigating crystalline silicon cell-based solar photovoltaic module degradation in the Maltese climateFenech, Carl; Yousif, Charles; Caruana, Cedric
2005Investigation of domestic solar water heating installations in MaltaBorg, S. P.; Yousif, Charles; Farrugia, Robert N.
2013Lifestyle trends for heating and cooling in Maltese householdsGrech, Aaron; Yousif, Charles
2011Low-cost, high gains in the Maltese built environment : a case study of an energy efficient social housing projectYousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Vincent; Camilleri, A.; Vazquez Fernandez, Carlos
2003MaltaFarrugia, Robert N.; Scerri, Edward; Yousif, Charles
2016Modelling of shaded and unshaded shallow-ground heat pump system for a residential building block in a Mediterranean climateBottarelli, Michele; Yousif, Charles
2018Modelling the long-term effect of climate change on a zero energy and carbon dioxide building through energy efficiency and renewablesRey Hernandez, Javier M.; Yousif, Charles; Gatt, Damien; Velasco Gomez, Eloy; San Jose, Julio; Rey Martinez, Francisco Javier
2018Monitoring indoor temperatures of places of worship : a first step towards energy sustainabilityVella, Roberta; Yousif, Charles; Martinez, F. J. Rey
2013The new brewhouse, Mriehel : environmental control through natural ventilation and shading devicesCaruana Smith, Greta; Miceli Farrugia, Alberto; Cristobal, Maria; Yousif, Charles
2004New energy sources - the hopeMiles, Jonathan J.; Farrugia, Robert N.; Yousif, Charles
2015Numerical analysis of a novel ground heat exchanger coupled with phase change materialsBottarelli, Michele; Bortoloni, Marco; Su, Yuehong; Yousif, Charles; Aydin, Ahmet Alper; Georgiev, Aleksandar
2013Optimising photovoltaic power generation and useable area by varying the solar module tiltGomez Rebe, Marcos; Mule Stagno, Luciano; Yousif, Charles
2014Overview of testing methodologies for thermally improved hollow-core concrete blocksCaruana, Caroline; Grima, Charlon; Yousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Spiridione; Curmi, Renzo
2014Overview of testing methodologies for thermally improved hollowcore concrete blocksCaruana, Caroline; Grima, Charlon; Yousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Sarah; Curmi, Ronald
2008Performance analysis of water-in-glass evacuated-tube solar heating systems in MaltaYousif, Charles; Fernandez Vazquez, C.; Buhagiar, Vincent
1996Performance and cost evaluation of a stand-alone photovoltaic system in MaltaYousif, Charles; Scerri, Edward
2018Performance gap between asset and operational energy performance rating for non-residential buildingsVassallo, P. L.; Yousif, Charles; Abela, A.
1995Performance of a 1.2 kWp stand-alone photovoltaic system in MaltaYousif, Charles; Scerri, E.
2013Performance of a solar-assisted thermodynamic heat pump for water heatingYousif, Charles; Cubero, Irene Teresa; Debono, Martin
1996Photovoltaic solar energy applications in MaltaYousif, Charles; Scerri, E.
2005A post-occupancy evaluation of energy-efficient measures in the housing sector: a case study for MaltaBuhagiar, Vincent; Yousif, Charles; SB04MED
2015Prioritising energy efficiency measures to achieve a zero net-energy hotel on the island of Gozo in the Central MediterraneanPolanco Gonzalez, Javier; Yousif, Charles
2010Pumped solar heating system with vertical flat-plate collectorMartin, O.; Farrugia, Robert N.; Yousif, Charles
2002Recent developments of applying solar photovoltaic technologies in MaltaYousif, Charles
2014The ‘Reduce and Save’ project : an island-wide resource management awareness initiativeRefalo, Paul; Mule Stagno, Luciano; Farrugia, Robert N.; Yousif, Charles; Sant, Tonio; Jakkel, Nora; Zammit, Anthony; Portelli, Joseph
2018Renewable energy and efficiency development programming in MaltaYousif, Charles
2013Renewable energy contribution of air-conditioning heat pumps for the domestic sector in MaltaYousif, Charles; Sanchez, Ruiz; Javier, Carlos
2018Renewable energy in MaltaYousif, Charles
2005The renewable energy potential of the Maltese IslandsFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Yousif, Charles; Mallia, E. A.
2016Renovating primary school buildings in Malta to achieve cost-optimal energy performance and comfort levelsGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles
2018The retrofitting and upgrading of the administration centre in Victoria, Gozo – minimising the energy consumption through the implementation of energy efficient measuresCordina, C.; Muscat, J.; Yousif, Charles
2011Solar photovoltaic systems performance in Malta : potential versus real contribution to the 2020 RE targetMule Stagno, Luciano; Yousif, Charles; Vaquero Palacios, Eduardo Ruben
2000Sowing the seed for an energy conscious society in MaltaYousif, Charles; Farrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario
2010Spatial misfits in a multi-level renewable energy policy implementation process on the small island state of MaltaKotzebue, Julia R.; Bressers, Hans Th. A.; Yousif, Charles
2010Testing of an air source heat pump water heater in MaltaMorentin Gutierrez, Sara; Yousif, Charles; Farrugia, Robert N.
2013Testing the potential of voltage regulation for achieving higher energy efficiencyCaruana, Cedric; Yousif, Charles; Debono, Martin
2016Thermal conductivity of an unplanted sustainable green roof systemRefalo, Christina; Refalo, Paul; Yousif, Charles; Mule Stagno, Luciano
2013Total ozone column, aerosol optical depth and precipitable water effects on solar erythemal ultraviolet radiation recorded in MaltaBilbao, Julia; Roman, Roberto; Yousif, Charles; Mateos, David; Miguel, Argimiro
2014Total ozone column, water vapour and aerosol effects on erythemal and global solar irradiance in Marsaxlokk, MaltaBilbao, Julia; Roman, Roberto; Yousif, Charles; Mateos, David; Miguel, Argimiro de
2007Upright, optimally-inclined and tracking grid-connected PV systems performance in MaltaYousif, Charles; Franco Esteban, J. M.; Salvador Lopez, D.; Santana Zurita, L.
2015UV and global irradiance measurements and analysis during the Marsaxlokk (Malta) campaignBilbao, Julia; Roman, Roberto; Yousif, Charles; Mateos, David; Miguel, Argimiro de
2017UV Index monitoring in EuropeSchmalwieser, Alois W.; Grobner, Julian; Blumthaler, Mario; Klotz, Barbara; Backer, Hugo de; Bolsee, David; Werner, Rolf; Tomsic, Davor; Metelka, Ladislav; Eriksen, Paul; Jepsen, Nis; Aun, Margit; Heikkila, Anu; Duprat, Thierry; Sandmann, Henner; Weiss, Tilman; Bais, Alkis; Toth, Zoltan; Siani, Anna-Maria; Vaccaro, Luisa; Diemoz, Henri; Grifoni, Daniele; Zipoli, Gaetano; Lorenzetto, Giuseppe; Petkov, Boyan H.; Giorgio di Sarra, Alcide; Massen, Francis; Yousif, Charles; Aculinin, Alexandr A.; Outer, Peter den; Svendby, Tove; Dahlback, Arne; Johnsen, Bjorn; Biszczuk-Jakubowska, Julita; Krzyscin, Janusz; Henriques, Diamantino; Chubarova, Natalia; Kolarz, Predrag; Mijatovic, Zoran; Groselj, Drago; Pribullova, Anna; Moreta Gonzales, Juan Ramon; Bilbao, Julia; Vilaplana Guerrero, Jose Manuel; Serrano, Antonio; Andersson, Sandra; Vuilleumier, Laurent; Webb, Ann; O’Hagan, John
2016ZeroCO2 buildings – how low can we go : a case study of a small hotel in GozoGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles