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Although every attempt is made to ensure that the statutes, regulations and bye-laws available on this site are up-to-date and accurate, these documents re provided for information purposes only and are not intended to be either legally binding or contractual in nature.

The University of Malta Statutes, Regulations and Bye-laws published as Legal Notices in the Malta Government Gazette are the legally binding documents which constitute the subsidiary legislation to the Education Act, Cap. 327.

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The Education Act and other parts of Maltese law can be accessed through the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government website

The MATSEC Examinations Board is made up of the following members representing various stakeholders of the Maltese educational system:

Prof. Frank Ventura Chairperson
Dr Noel Buttigieg ITS
Mr Gaetano Bugeja DQSE
Prof. Sandro Caruana
UoM Senate
Ms Veronica Grech
UoM Registrar
Mr Vincent Maione
Mr Stephen Cachia
Mr Dario Pirotta
MATSEC Support Unit
Mr Alfred Sant Fournier
Independent Schools Association
Dr Odette Vassallo
UoM Senate
Prof. Joseph M. Cacciottolo
UoM Senate
Mr Norbert Zahra
Church Schools Association

Ms Analise Borg MATSEC Support Unit
Mr George Said Zammit Examinations Department
Mr Edward Mazzacano D'Amato ADSU
Mr Malcolm Micallef MATSEC Support Unit
Mr Sean Pollacco MATSEC Support Unit
Vacant MATSEC Support Unit
Rev. Jose' Debono o.c.d. Malta Union of Teachers
Mr Paul Xuereb UoM Junior College
Mr Gilbert John Zahra MATSEC Support Unit

2018 Main / First Session Statistics 

SEC Art IIA General Themes 2018 [PDF]

SEC Art IIB General Themes 2018 [PDF] 

AM Art Thematic Project - 2018 First Session [PDF]

IM Art Thematic Project - 2018 First Session [PDF] 

2018 coursework interviews

May 2018 applications

Timetables for the 2018 sessions

Statistics: 2017 Second/Supplementary Session.

SEC Environmental Studies Coursework titles for 2019-2021.

Coursework Interviews dates and times for September 2017 session.

Starting points for Intermediate Matriculation 04 - Art [PDF] Thematic Project 

Applications for 2017 Supplementary and Second sessions and for Revision of Papers are closed (more information)

MATSEC thanks the 1,549 candidates who provided feedback through MATSEC's post-examination survey.  Responses are being analysed.

Starting points for Advanced Matriculation 04 - Art [PDF] Thematic Project

IM PE Notice 2018-19 [PDF]

SEC PE Activities 2017-20 [PDF]

Last Updated: 25 April 2018

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