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The Journal of Mediterranean Studies (ISSN: 1016-3476) is an interdisciplinary journal published twice yearly.

Our journal is specifically aimed at scholars whose professional academic interests are concerned with Mediterranean societies and cultures within the fields of social Anthropology, History, Classics, Archaeology, Popular Art and Literature. The journal intends to provide a forum whereby scholars working in academically and geographical contiguous areas can explore, and be exposed to, parallel and related theoretical issues. It sets out to establish a framework for interdisciplinary discussion, particularly important when studying Mediterranean societies and cultures, and to encourage dialogue between academics based in North American and Northern European Universities and in Mediterranean ones.

The Journal of Mediterranean Studies is now available online through the prestigious Project Muse platform.

The journal series consists of special issues devoted to particular topics/disciplines, and general issues consisting of articles submitted for publication. Some issues also contain a Discussion Section where particularly notable or theoretically innovative publications are extensively reviewed and placed within the overall context of the author's work. To encourage dialogue, the author is given the opportunity to reply to the reviewer's comments in the same issue.

Articles appearing in this journal are abstracted and indexed in Anthropological Index Online, Historical Abstracts and Sociological Abstracts (SA). The latter is available to researchers in print, online and on CD-ROM. The Journal of Mediterranean Studies also appears in International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, Currents Contents/Arts and Humanities, and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index.

The Journal of Mediterranean Studies welcomes the submission of papers dealing with the history, cultures and societies of the Mediterranean world. All papers are referred by specialists in the field.

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