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Welcome to the Anatomy Website

The Anatomy Department, situated on campus, is one of the first departments to welcome students starting the Medical course. The Anatomy Department also services the B.Pharm. and Medical Biochemistry courses within the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, as well as most of the paramedical courses within the Faculty of Health Sciences, both at under- and post- graduate level. The Department of Anatomy also collaborates with the Faculty of Dental Surgery and the Faculty of Engineering.

The Department hosts a Lecture Hall, a Histology Demonstration Lab equipped with audiovisual equipment, two Dissection halls with a depository of prosected specimens, Living Anatomy demonstration rooms, and a number of rooms for small group tutorial discussion sessions. A facility is also available for quiet study.

Tuition within the Department of Anatomy has shifted to emphasize the applied aspect of Anatomy. Clinicians from various clinical fields including different specialities of surgery, general practice, obstetrics and gynaecology, pathology, forensics and cytogenetics are involved in teaching at all levels together with specialist academics. Clinical visits to various departments in the nearby Mater Dei Hospital are also held, to help illustrate the clinical relevance of the subject.

The Department of Anatomy carries out Biomedical Research into local natural products. Other areas of interest include embryology, cytogenetics and epidemiology of birth defects, stem cell and cancer differentiation, gene regulation and pedagogical research. Collaborations with various European and International universities and hospitals are ongoing and around 30% of the student body who make use of the Anatomy Department are International Students studying in Malta.

For further information regarding applying for a course in Malta, please contact the International Office.