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Donate your body for science

Donate your body for science

Bequest - Donating your Body for Science

The study of anatomy is one of the first, most basic and yet one of the most important subjects studied by medical students and all health care professionals when they begin their career.  Its importance cannot be over-estimated because it helps to lay the foundations for all future learning.  It will be seen therefore, that the decision of an individual to donate his or her body for anatomical examination is a vital contribution towards the understanding and advancement of medical science and education.

The procedure for donating your remains to the University is a very simple one.

Please refer to the documents:

You can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Should you wish to obtain further information, please contact the Anatomy Department in writing or by email to including the following details:

1. Your full name/s
2. Your local home address
3. Your telephone number/s
4. Your email address (If Any)

Contact details
Dr Sherif Suleiman - Senior Lab Manager & Research Co-ordinator
Anatomy Department (Biomedical Sciences Building On Campus)
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
University of Malta MSD 2080
Tel. No.: +356 2340 3825

A Mass takes place each year in memory of those who kindly donated their body for medical study which takes place on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows which falls on the Friday before Good Friday each year (March/April). Please consult the Anatomy website for details shortly before. 

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