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The study of Anatomy is one of the first, most basic and yet one of the most important subjects studied by medical students when they begin their medical career.  Its importance cannot be over-estimated because it helps to lay the foundations for all future learning.  It will be seen therefore, that the decision of an individual to donate his or her body for anatomical examination is a vital contribution towards the understanding and advancement of medical science and education.

The procedure for donating your remains to the University is a very simple one.  A letter to that effect would have to be sent to the Department of Anatomy at the address below. You would also need to insert a codicil in your will stating this wish.

Should you wish to donate your body to medical science or obtain further information, please contact the Anatomy Department in writing or by e-mail including the following details:

1. Your Full Name/s,
2. Your Local Home-Address,
3. Your Telephone Number/s.
4. Your E-Mail Address (If Any). 

E-Mail Address:

Postal Address:

The Secretary,
Office 421, 4th Floor,
Anatomy Department (On Campus),
University of Malta MSD 2080.

Departmental Line: +356 234-032-73 - Secretary's Office - Regarding Correspondence.
Mr. Sherif Suleiman - Senior Lab Manager (& Research Co-Ordinator):  795-667-34 - Regarding Handling after the person passes on.

Campus Map - Anatomy is No. 32

Chaplaincy is No. 44

A Mass takes place each year in memory of those who kindly donated their body for medical study which takes place on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows which falls on the Friday before Good Friday each year (March/April).  Please consult the Anatomy noticeboard page for details shortly before.

Poem Dedicated to Body Donors

Dear Relatives and Friends of the thoughtful individuals who donated their bodies for our knowledge,

Below is the poem performed at the mass honouring the bodies donated for our study. 

Written by JooRi Jun, Bastyr University, USA
Performed by Raphael Kotun on 27/03/2015 (MD Year 1 University of Malta)

Knowing You

I do not know all the paths you chose to walk down in life, but I have felt the fibers of all the muscles that carried you there.

I do not know what made your heart burst with love, but I have pictured how the blood flowed through the four chambers of your heart.

I do not know what life dreams you had, but I have traced your nerves to see how it was possible for your brain to realize them.

I do not know what moments in your life made you sigh with relief or in despair, but I have touched the lungs that held your breath.

I do not know the many hands you lovingly held in yours, but I have felt the strength of each of your fingers.

I do not know all the burdens you carried on your shoulders, but I have cut through the tension you carried there.

I do not know the beauty and brokenness you witnessed in your lifetime, but I have seen how you were able to see the world.

I do not know what nourished and nurtured you, but I have met all the organs that worked hard to sustain you.

I do not know the children you gave life to, but I have been awed by the inner workings of your womb.

I do not know how many times your heart was broken, but I have uncovered the sac that housed your tears.

I do not know the lovers who knew you so well, but I have come to know all the layers and spaces of your body.

I do not know your name, but before you left you gave me permission to uncover the miracle of the human body through you.

You gave me the gift of knowing you.

Thank you. 


  • Donation to Puttinu Cares [Pdf
Thank you to everyone who donated money during the mass of Our Lady of Sorrows, which was dedicated to people who donated their body for medical research.



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