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Welcome to the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Pharmacology is the study of how medicines and other drugs work and are processed by the body. Pharmacology is important for the discovery of new drugs, improve the effectiveness and reducing the side effects of medicines, understanding why individuals differ in the way they respond to certain drugs, and why some others cause addiction. It links together sciences such as chemistry, physiology molecular medicine and even genetics. 

Pharmacology is undoubtedly a cornerstone of patient management. In recent years, it has exhibited significant developments, and with the advent of the molecular and genomic eras, has extended its repertoire of tools to biotechnological drugs, designer molecules, and pharmacogenomic-based therapies. Pharmacological knowledge and understanding is important at every stage of the discovery, testing and clinical use of new medicines. The ability to use medicines effectively, to maximise their benefit and minimise risk and harm, relies on this knowledge and pharmacology contributes to finding better and safer medicines.

Pharmacology-inclusive careers span academic research and teaching, industrial development, and various health services including clinical health care professions, regulatory bodies, clinical laboratory services, provision of medicines and pharmaceutical-related patient counselling.

Through its activities and links with various research organisations, the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics empowers graduates in various life-science areas such as medicines, pharmacy, health care professionals, science graduates and psychologists with the tools necessary to understand and partake in the innovations of pharmacological developments, as well as apply this knowledge in the field of therapeutics.


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