Pharmacy Practice Resource Unit

The Pharmacy Practice Resource Unit (PPRU) is a laboratory which includes a mock pharmacy. It is located on the ground floor of the Department of Pharmacy and is intended for teaching and research aspects of pharmacy practice. A number of medicinal products and medical devices are on display as well as drug literature about different products is available.

Resources developed by the Department of Pharmacy

Adverse Drug Reactions Database site developed by Stephanie Bezzina, M.Pharm. student 2012
Compendium of Medicines Used in Veterinary Practice   developed by Bernard Soler, M.Pharm. student 2012

Drug Databases
British National Formulary
Electronic Medicines Compendium
European Medicines Agency
Malta Medicines Authority

Pharmaceutical Companies
World-Wide Pharmaceutical Companies

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
American College of Clinical Pharmacy 
European Society of Clinical Pharmacy
European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy
Food and Drug Administration, FDA
International Pharmaceutical Federation
Malta Pharmacy Students' Association, MPSA
World Health Organization, WHO

Pharmaceutical Journals
Hospital Pharmacy Europe
University of Malta Library HyDi Online Search Engine

Other Sites of Interest 
Network Science (scientific software resources)
DrugInfoNet (health care and drug information)
Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapeutics
Criteria for Writing References
Research Papers and Manuscript Submission
Pharmaceutical English Courses