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The School of Performing Arts’ digital archive is an initiative the school has undertaken, in co-operation with the University of Malta Library, to digitise and make available to the public paper-based artefacts related to the performing arts in Malta. These include anything from unpublished to out of copyright texts, programmes, posters, handbills, as well as photographs. Original footage of performances and rehearsals will eventually be included in the collection. The collection is available through OAR@UM. It is completely searchable and integrated with all major internet search engines.

We are also interested in acquiring material that is born digital. Most documents relating to performances are nowadays created in digital formats, and are often never printed. This is particularly true for works created to publicise performances as well as subsequent documentation (photography and videography). This material tends to be lost or misplaced fairly quickly unless it is archived properly. We therefore appeal to anyone who can help us collect any such material to get in touch.

Building the Archive is an ongoing project. We are continually processing and putting material online. Some of this material was donated to us in the past, other material has been lent to us to enable us to make digital copies. Anyone who thinks they own material that should be preserved and would like to assist us in our task is encouraged to contact us.

While we promise to preserve any physical material in our custody, we do not make any claims of ownership. Ultimately, our aim is to create visibility for any documentation that can be useful for researching the performing arts in Malta.

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