Our aims

Our aims

  1. The Platform for Humanities, Medicine and Science, under the aegis of the Faculty of Arts, is a joint initiative between the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and the Faculty of Science.

  2. The aims of the Platform are:
    (a)   to encourage and facilitate research that brings together academic members from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and the Faculty of Science
    (b)   to promote interdisciplinary dialogue between the humanities, medicine and the various sciences
    (c)   to hold regular meetings, seminars, and conferences in which to present research ideas, discuss work in progress and generally promote the sharing and dissemination of knowledge
    (d) to create and maintain an electronic portal for the publication, discussion and dissemination of research
    (e) to offer study-units that may be included in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and to encourage and support interdisciplinary research
    (f) to collaborate with local and overseas centres, programmes and individuals with similar purpose and scope
    (g) to provide a forum for academic members from other faculties to join in the broader process of substituting inter-disciplinary integration for the traditional Science-Humanities dualism.

  3. The Platform shall have the following structure:
    (a) The Board shall consist of the Coordinator and five other members appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Boards of Arts, of Medicine and Surgery and of Science, two each from the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and one from the Faculty of Science. Chairmanship of the Board shall be held jointly, with the joint chairs being chosen by and from among the members.
    (b) The appointment of the Coordinator and the Members of the Board shall be for a period of one year, which can be renewed.

  4. The Platform will operate as a cost centre, subject to the University’s financial regulations.

Approved by Senate on 2 May 2013, Revised in 2014 and 9 May 2019