Dr Adam Gauci

Dr Adam Gauci

Dr Adam Gauci



Room 316
Chemistry & Pharmacology Building
Univerisity Of Malta
  +356 2340 2844
  • Image Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Remote Sensing

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  • EMP1014 - Environmental Data Processing
  • EMP1017 - Maths and Physics for Earth Systems Science
  • EMP2001 - Earth's Atmospheric System
  • EMP2010 - Environmental Monitoring: Earth Observation Systems
  • EMP2016 - Statistics for Earth Systems Science
  • GSC1400 - IT Skills for Geoscientists (GIS)
  • GSC1402 - Earth Observations from Space
  • GSC2400 - IT Skills for Geoscientists (Matlab)
  • GSC5101 - Global Ocean Governance Framework and Managing our Relations with the Oceans
  • LAS2002 - Under the Waves: Our Seas in Focus
  • RFS5001 - Directed Study