Dr Anne-Marie Callus

Dr Anne-Marie Callus

Dr Anne-Marie Callus


Senior Lecturer

Room 114
Humanities A (Law/Theology Building)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3996
  • Self-advocacy (intellectual disability)
  • Inclusive research with disabled people
  • Legal capacity issues
  • Cultural representations of disability
  • Social Policy and Disability

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  • CVL5029 - Practical Applications in Family Law
  • DBS1001 - Disability Issues for Health Professionals
  • DBS2002 - Disability Issues in Social Policy and Social Work
  • DBS2210 - Cultural Representation of Disability
  • DBS2213 - Advanced Study Skills for Disability Studies
  • DBS3009 - Living with the Label ‘Intellectual Disability’
  • DBS3010 - Representation of Disabled People
  • DBS3011 - Disability Issues and Pastoral Ministry
  • DBS5003 - The Person, Society and Disability
  • DBS5008 - Emancipatory Disability Research
  • MGT3041 - Human Resource Management
  • NUR4305 - Care of the Intellectually Disabled Person
  • SWB5001 - Advanced Research Methods