Dr Carl Camilleri

Dr Carl Camilleri

Dr Carl Camilleri

  B.Com.(Melit.), B.A.(Hons)(Econ.)(Melit.),M.Sc.(Econometrics)(Lond.),Ph.D.(City University, Lond.)

Senior Lecturer

Room 303
Humanities B (FEMA)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3528
  • Health economics
  • Ageing and Pensions
  • Econometrics

CAMILLERI, C., JOFRE-BONET, M. and SERRA-SASTRE, V., 2018. The Suitability of a DRG Casemix System in the Maltese Hospital setting.
. Health Policy, 122(11), pp. 1183-1189.

GRIMA, S., SPITERI, J.V., JAKOVLJEVIC, M., CAMILLERI, C. and BUTTIGIEG, S., 2018. High Out-of-Pocket Health Spending in Countries with a Mediterranean Connection
. Frontiers in Public Health, 6(Article 145), pp. 145.

JAKOVLJEVIC, M., CAMILLERI, C., RANCIC, N., GRIMA, S., JURISEVIC, M., GRECH, K. and BUTTIGIEG, S., 2018. Cold War Legacy in Public and Private Health Spending in Europe.

MUSCAT AZZOPARDI, N. and CAMILLERI, C., 2018. Challenges and opportunities for the health sector in small states. . In: L. BRIGUGLIO, ed, Handbook of small states: Economics social and environmental issues. . 1 edn. UK: Abingdon, Routledge, pp. 445.

BUTTIGIEG, S., GRIMA, S. and CAMILLERI, C., 2016. Commentary: Comparison of historical medical spending patterns among the BRICS and G7.
. Frontiers in Pharmacology., 14(7), pp. 213.

CAMILLERI, C., 2015. Essays on Health Outcomes and Physician Practice Variation Within a Public Single Hospital: the Case of Malta. PHD (economics) edn. UK: City University London.

CAMILLERI, C., 1999. The causality between exports and economic growth in Malta. 
MSc (econometrics) edn. UK: Queen Mary and Westfield College London.

CAMILLERI, C., 1998. The Parking Problem in Commercial Areas in Malta. B.A. Hons (Economics) edn. Malta: University of Malta.

  • ECN2031 - Econometrics 1
  • ECN2041 - Econometrics 2
  • ECN5227 - Economics of Ageing Populations
  • HSM5110 - Financial Management and Health Economics