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The Department offers a diversity of expertise and experience including microeconomics, macroeconomics, monetary economics, applied microeconomics, applied macroeconomics, public sector economics, econometrics, international trade and international finance, behavioral economics, health economics and cost benefit analysis. Our teaching and curriculum is shaped to a great extent by our research interests. We offer a taught undergraduate course that is updated regularly to reflect developments in economic theory, internal and international research, and expertise of academic staff. We try to be very clear about what we expect from our students and what they expect of us, and in doing so we also try to review our course content accordingly without compromising on quality and latest economic developments.


You should choose Economics because you learn a lot of skills and knowledge which you can apply in your personal life and on the job. There are also many opportunities for economics graduates but like anything in life, you get out of studying Economics what you put in. At the Economics Department, we aim to support our students to make the right career choices and we do this primarily by keeping in contact with our students and guiding them to choose their research interests. A high proportion of our graduates find jobs with the Central Bank, commercial banks or public sector. Some have joined international institutions such as the Bank of England and the European Commission, and the Department is also proud of our young graduate Members of Parliament. A significant number also go for further education soon after graduation, and Government’s sponsorship for Masters Degrees should also serve as incentive for our graduates.


Please explore our web page to learn more about the content of our taught courses and feel free to contact any of the Department's staff if you require any additional information.


Dr Philip von Brockdorff


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