Dr Claire Lucille Azzopardi Lane

Dr Claire Lucille Azzopardi Lane

Dr Claire Lucille Azzopardi Lane



Room 114
Humanities Building A
University of Malta
Dr. Claire Azzopardi Lane specialises in the field of disability and sexuality. Dr. Azzopardi Lane has worked in various sectors, including education and social care. Her post doctoral research concerned elements of sexuality in people with intellectual disability in a Maltese context. Currently, Dr. Azzopardi Lane lectures at the University of Malta, across various departments, including the department of Sociology, Youth and Community Studies, Mental Health Nursing, Gender Studies and the Department of Disability Studies. Dr. Azzopardi Lane's recent research work revolved around disability and LGBTIQ, sexual health, cancer and parenting. She has presented and published her academic research internationally with the intent of influencing policy and practise in the field.
  • Disability and Sexuality
  • Parenting and Disability
  • Sexual Health and Women with Disability
  • Disability and Sports
  • LGBTIQ and Disability
  • Sex Education and Intellectual Disability

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  • DBS2002 - Disability Issues in Social Policy and Social Work
  • DBS2004 - Sexuality and Disability
  • DBS3009 - Living with the Label ‘Intellectual Disability’
  • DBS5004 - Directed Study-unit
  • DBS5005 - Different Disability Issues
  • DBS5006 - Disability and Culture
  • GDS5006 - Gender and Culture
  • GDS5007 - Gender and Social Justice
  • LAS2049 - Sexual and Gender Diversity
  • SOC2067 - Sociology of Disability
  • SOC3030 - Sociology of Sport
  • YTH1011 - Young People with Minority Experiences