Dr Conrad Attard

Dr Conrad Attard

Dr Conrad Attard



Level 1, Block A
Room 13
ICT Building
  +356 2340 2539
Before joining the University of Malta's Dept. of Computer Information Systems at the Faculty of ICT, Dr Attard had a career as director of his own firm providing IT consultancy to various SMEs.

Dr Conrad Attard graduated with a PhD in Engineering, Computer Science Department from Sheffield University in 2016 and obtained his MSc and BSc from University of Malta. In 1999 he started working at Malta International Airport and gathered a lot of experience related to critical IT systems that are adopted by the airline industry.

For 10 years he developed enterprise IT planning solutions used by all airport employees and later contributed to introduce an ERP solution to help management better access information from all departments and third parties within the airport. Dr Attard started an IT business that allowed him to support various SMEs and organisations focusing on consulting on implementation of IT infrastructure and software needs.

His research is focused on organisations in particular on the use of Mobile Solutions, Smart technology, Just in time knowledge creation and ehealth solutions at the workplace. In the last five years he managed various research projects such as reporting tools that can support caregivers of wandering patients suffering from dementia . In this research a tool that utilizes the currently available Smart Mobile Technologies was designed focusing on the patient's wandering patterns whilst identifying any possible dangers pertaining to the patient.

He is the principal investigator of Pervasive Electronic Monitoring (PEM) in healthcare currently being carried out at the St Vincent de Paule Residence, which is a nursing home and hospital for the Elderly in collaboration with the University of Malta. His work involves the design of simulators such as PACSim that make use of Human Activity Recognition (HAR) that address the problem of incomplete data, collected from wearable devices. The aim of this work is to help researchers and ICT practitioners working on hospital systems to improve the designs and the requirements, providing solutions to the relevant problems.

Dr Conrad Attard is currently Chair of IEEE Malta Section.
  • Mobile Computing
  • Applied Smart Technology for sustainable architecture
  • Persuasive Technology
  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • In-Vehicle Technology
  • Smart Mobile Technologies for carers to help support elderly in the early stages of dementia
Attard, C., Mountain, G. & Romano, D.M. (2016). Problem Solving, Confidence and Frustration when carrying out familiar tasks on a unfamiliar mobile Device. Computers in Human Behavior, Elsevier.