Prof. Everaldo Attard

Prof. Everaldo Attard

Prof. Everaldo Attard



Rural Sciences Farmhouse
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2321
Prof. Attard graduated with honours in pharmacy at the University of Malta (1994) and later furthered his studies on Maltese aromatic and medicinal plants by undertaking a M.Sc. in Agricultural and Veterinary Pharmacy (1995). He furthered his specialization and obtained a Doctorate in Agriculture from the same University in 2001. He was employed with the University as a research assistant (1995) and in 1998 appointed within the academic stream. Dr. Attard was a part-time consultant with the Department of Plant Health (2000-2004). In 2007 he was officially recognised by the Medicines Authority and appointed as the herbal consultant in assessing herbal medicinal products. Since then, he has been the Maltese delegate on the Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products and the Homeopathic Medicinal Products Working Group.

Prof. Attard has been lecturing in several areas related to medicinal plants and agricultural chemistry at the ex-Institute of Agriculture, Division of Rural Sciences and Food Systems within the Institute of Earth Systems and the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Malta. Through the Erasmus Staff Exchange Programme, Dr. Attard has lectured at several agricultural institutions including the Universities of Udine and Bologna. He is also an academic at the James Madison University. Since his employment with the University of Malta, he supervised several dissertations at the Diploma, B.Sc., B.Pharm. and M.Sc. levels related to the field of medicinal plants and agricultural products.

Prof. Attard is the author/coauthor of 46 papers and articles in renowned peer-reviewed medicinal plant journals, seven articles in professional journals and three book chapters. He has delivered several presentations at various conferences both at national and international levels. He has been granted several projects and worked on six projects at national and EU level. In 2004 he received an international award.

Prof. Attard has also attended several conferences, seminars and workshops related to medicinal plants and plant health issues. He headed an EU delegation at CCSCH at Chennai and Trivandrum, India, during the Maltese and Romanian presidencies. He represents Malta in several WGs, particularly the Medicinal WG within ECP-genetic resources.
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  • Agricultural Chemistry
  • Herb Science
  • Agricultural products
  • EMP1016 - Biology and Chemistry for Earth Systems Science
  • IES5034 - Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems 2: Small Scale and Urban Contexts
  • LAS1092 - Food Security and Systems: A Focus for the Maltese Island
  • LAS2070 - Antibiotics – Poisons or Life Savers?
  • PHR3208 - Pharmacognosy and Natural Products
  • PHR5030 - Qualified Person Requirements: Pharmacognosy
  • RFS5006 - Application Tools and Research Methods
National and EU-funded projects
a) MCST R&I Special Project 2008-01 - VOTIVVOM - Valorisation of the
indigenous vine varieties of Malta: Conservation, Assessment and Innovation [R&I-
Innovation in the Teaching of Sustainable Development in Life Sciences in Europe"
September 2010 [177267-LLP-1-2010-1-FR-ERASMUS]
c) PO Italia-Malta 2007-2013 project – PROMED – La Protezione dell'ambiente
nelle Isole del Mediterraneo attraverso la Valorizzazione di un Sistema Colturale
Arboreo - March 2010 [A1.1.1-42]
d) Med Programme – 2007-2013 project – CypFire - Multiple-rowed cypress
barriers against fires: a feasible, ecological and economical solution for the
protection of Mediterranean Regions. June 2010 [2G-Med09-70]
e) Research & Innovation Programme 2010 project entitled " Molecular
Characterization and Authentication of Maltese Honey (MolCAMH)" May 2011 [R&I-
f) PO Italia-Malta 2007-2013 project – ViEnergy – Vigna Energetica [B1-2.9/6] Oct 2012 –
Mar 2015.
g) PO Italia-Malta 2007-2013 project – t-cheesimal – New technologies supporting the
traditional Cheeses in Sicily and Malta [F2IJ10DD0290005] Feb 2013 – Oct 2013
h) PO Italia-Malta 2007-2013 project – PROMED II – La Protezione dell’ambiente nelle
Isole del Mediterraneo attraverso la Valorizzazione di un Sistema Colturale Arboreo
[I21H11000000001] Jul 2015 – Dec 2015.
i) COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology - EUBis - Food waste
valorisation for sustainable chemicals, materials & fuels [TD1203] 22 Nov 2012-21 Nov 2016.
j) COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology – PLANTMETALS - Trace metal
metabolism in plants [CA19116] Oct 2020.

International awards
The International Crop Research Award for the year 2004 by the Gaurav Society of
the Agricultural Research Information Centre.

The patent has been granted with effect from the filing date in accordance with
Article 24(2) of the Patents and Designs Act 2000 (MALTA) PAT/3376 Skat Limited -
Filing date: 30 Mar 06 (Incorporated in Malta) - BIO-ETHANOL PRODUCTION (72)
Inventor(s): Marie Therese Triganza and Dr. Everaldo Attard – The Malta Government
Gazette 9th January 2007, p. 96.