Prof. Frances Camilleri-Cassar

Prof. Frances Camilleri-Cassar

Prof. Frances Camilleri-Cassar


Associate Professor

Room 306
Humanities A (Laws,Theology,Criminology)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3443
Frances Camilleri-Cassar is full time Associate Professor in the Faculty of Laws, with key research interests around social policy and equality law. Throughout her twenty-five years in academia, Professor Camilleri-Cassar has researched and published widely, and routinely presents papers to scholars and more general audiences, both in Malta and abroad. Her doctoral thesis, completed without corrections, "Gender Equality in Maltese Social Policy? Graduate women and the male breadwinner model" was peer reviewed and published as a book in 2005.

Her areas of research interests connect with colleagues working within a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields, and her publications have now moved on to critical policy analysis that address economic and social inequalities. European research collaboration includes analytical report writing for the European Commission, and on an international level Professor Camilleri-Cassar shares research expertise on the network of policy experts.

Besides her research output, Professor Camilleri-Cassar has a sustained record of lecturing at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Malta; and the University of Nottingham as Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Sociology and Social Policy until 2014. In 1995, she set up and coordinated the Gender and Development Course (previously titled Women’s Studies) for the University of Malta until 2006.

Between 2000 and 2004, Professor Camilleri-Cassar was adviser on gender issues to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Social Policy, and Minister’s delegate on the Commission for the Advancement of Women. During this time, she compiled the first three periodic reports for Malta under the UN Convention for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. She also served as Chairperson for the Coordinated Response Team - Violence against Women under the Ministry for Social Policy (2002 - 2005); and as Chairperson for the Committee on Gender Issues for the University of Malta (1996 – 1999).

Events of significance include nominations by the US Embassy in Malta for:The Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s International Council on Women’s Business Leadership in 2011; and, The Women in Leadership Programme under the International Visitor Leadership Programme in 2010.
  • Social policy
  • Gender and welfare regimes
  • Research methodologies
  • Fatherhood and work
  • Economic and social inequalities
  • Gender-based violence
  • Child trafficking

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  • CRL1008 - Family Violence Law
  • CRL2008 - Child Trafficking Law
  • CRL3000 - Gender and Deviancy Law
  • LAW5001 - Legal Research, Analysis and Writing
  • LAW5012 - Professional Practice for Advocates
  • LHM3000 - Research Methods
  • SCI5034 - Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods