Prof. Frank Bezzina

Prof. Frank Bezzina

Prof. Frank Bezzina


Associate Professor

Room 310
Administration Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3617
Prof. Frank Bezzina is the newly appointed Pro-Rector for International Development and Quality Assurance at the University of Malta, after serving as Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy (FEMA) between 2016 and 2021. He teaches Management Science & Decision Analysis, Operations Research, Applied Business Statistics and Business Research Methods on FEMA's undergraduate and post-graduate programmes.

Frank's research focuses on investigating phenomena in the Organisational Sciences. He has published papers on risk management, corporate governance, HRM, environmental management and statistical/methodological misconceptions. In 2012, his research paper entitled "Investigating the determinants of recycling behaviour in Malta" (co-authored with Stephen Dimech) published in 'Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal' (Vol. 22 No. 4, pp. 463-485) was awarded the Emerald Literati Network Highly Commended Paper Award for Excellence. He co-edited various volumes which include Emerald's 'Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis' book series (Volumes 97 & 98) and more recently in Springer's 'Public Administration, Governance and Globalization' series (Vol. 22). Apart from this, he regularly reviews papers for a number of international peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

Prof. Bezzina holds visiting professor positions at the University of Zagreb (Croatia), the Wroclaw University of Economics (Poland), LM Thapar School of Management (India) and Haxhi Zeka University (Kosovo). He is also a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (UK), a member of the steering committee of the Research Methodology Special Interest Group of the British Academy of Management and an Honorary Board Member of the European Marketing and Management Association (EUMMAS).

Beyond his academic role, Frank has been engaged in various consultancy assignments and projects for private and public organisations. Most notably, he was appointed non-executive Director of the Central Bank of Malta (2018-2023) and non-executive Chairperson of WasteServ Malta Ltd (starting February 2020).
  • Management Science
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Decision Analysis
  • Business Research Methods
  • Evidence-based management
  • Environmental Management

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  • EMA1300 - Introductory Mathematics for Business
  • HSM5109 - Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources Management and Operations Management
  • MGT1924 - Quantitative Techniques
  • MGT2031 - Operations Research
  • MGT5204 - Management Science and Decision Analysis