Prof. John A Schembri

Prof. John A Schembri

Prof. John A Schembri

 B.A.(Melit),M.A.(Dunelm),Ph.D.(Dunelm),D.Educ,h.c,(Liv Hope)F.R.G.S.,C.Geog.


Room 120
Old Humanities Building (OH)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2292
John A. Schembri is a Professor at the Department of Geography in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Malta. He read Contemporary Mediterranean Studies and History as an undergraduate at the University of Malta. This was followed by post-graduate studies at Durham University from where he obtained an M.A. in the Geography of the Middle East and the Mediterranean and later a Ph.D. through the Department of Geography also at Durham. In 2016 he was conferred Doctor of Education (honoris causa) by Liverpool Hope University for his contribution to Geography. John is a Fellow and a Chartered Geographer of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) and lectures mainly in human geography, contributes regularly to lectures at the International Ocean Institute and his recent publications and on-going research interests deal mainly with the coasts and historical geography.
  • Coasts, including ports and harbours,
  • Mid-19th century demographic variables
  • Early 20th century cartography
  • Geo-physical hazards

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  • GEO1005 - The Geography of Populations: Concepts and Theories
  • GEO2000 - Geology
  • GEO2014 - Academic Writing and Research Methods in Geography
  • GEO3004 - Economic Geography
  • GEO3006 - Urbanisation and Development
  • GEO3096 - The Geography of the Rural Environment: Agriculture and Food Production
  • GEO5012 - Cultural and Geographic Landscapes in Tourism
  • GSC5103 - Multilateral Diplomacy and International Rule-making and Regional Sea Governance Policy Simulation Exercise