Dr Jose Guilherme Araujo Seara Couto

Dr Jose Guilherme Araujo Seara Couto

Dr Jose Guilherme Araujo Seara Couto



Room 15
1st Floor
Administration Building
Mater Dei Hospital
  +356 2340 1846
Dr Couto read for his undergraduate degree in Radiotherapy at Escola Superior de Saúde (Porto) and for his Masters' degree in Medical Physics at the Universidade do Porto.

Before starting his academic career, Mr Couto worked as a Radiotherapist at one of the largest oncology hospitals in Portugal, the Instituto Portugues de Oncologia. He mainly worked both in the delivery of Radiotherapy treatment and in Radiotherapy treatment planning. He was also part of the Radiosurgery Working Group at the same hospital.

He started his academic career as a Clinical Educator with Escola Superior de Saúde earlier on in his career, becoming Guest Lecturer later on. in 2014, Dr Couto moved to Malta to work as a Lecturer at the University of Malta.

Dr Couto is passionate about Radiotherapy science and the profession. He believes that education is an essential pillar in developing high standards of care, which result in better outcomes for Radiotherapy patients.

He completed his PhD at Ulster University in "Education of Radiotherapy across the EU" in 2022. This allowed him to develop a European-funded project in collaboration with Ulster University and six other international partners: the SAFE EUROPE project.

Other roles:
- Chairperson of the Internationalisation Committee at the Faculty of Health Sciences
- Chairperson of the Research in the Education and Training of Health Professionals Working Group at the International Network for Health Workforce Education (INHWE)
- Member of the Society of Radiographers (SOR - UK), Associacao de Radioterapeutas (ART - PT), European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO) and European Society of Radiology (ESR)
  • Radiotherapy
  • Education of Radiotherapy
  • Radiobiology
  • Professionalism
  • Radiation safety
  • Oncology
  • Patient communication
  • RAD1064 - Radiation Safety
  • RAD2207 - Reproductive System: Imaging, Pathology, Radiotherapy and Oncology
  • RAD3331 - Advanced Radiotherapy Science - Radiobiology, Imaging in Radiotherapy and Enhanced Radiotherapy
  • RAD3332 - Radiotherapy Science: Head and Neck Region, Endocrine, Haemopoietic and Lymphoreticular Systems
  • RAD3405 - Patient Review in Radiotherapy and Oncology
  • RAD4135 - Clinical Radiotherapy Practice 5: Treatment Planning
  • RAD4136 - Clinical Radiotherapy Practice 6: CT Simulation
  • RAD4137 - Clinical Radiotherapy Practice 7: Linear Accelerator (LINAC)
  • RAD4138 - Clinical Radiotherapy Practice 8: Patient Review and Record and Verification (R&V)
  • RAD4140 - Radiographers’ Role in Education and Research