Prof. Joseph A Borg

Prof. Joseph A Borg

Prof. Joseph A Borg


Associate Professor

Room 227
Biomedical Sciences Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2850
Obtained BSc and MSc degrees from the University of Malta, and a PhD degree from the University of Plymouth (UK). His teaching interests are in the areas of animal biology, ecology and marine biology. His research activities are mainly focused on ecological assessment and monitoring, with particular emphasis on themes concerning marine ecology. He is involved in research on the ecology of seagrass and algal habitats, and on the environmental impacts of aquaculture. Dr Borg has been carrying out marine environmental surveys since 1991, using scientific diving and other in situ survey techniques, as well as remote sensing procedures.

In 2006 he chaired the Local Organising Committee of the Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop (MSW2006) which was hosted by the Department of Biology (University of Malta). He is currently committee member of the Mediterranean Seagrass Association - Seagrass 2000, a non-profit association that promotes Mediterranean seagrass research, and member of several international working groups dealing with interactions between aquaculture and the environment, and the development of sustainable mariculture. He publishes regularly and acts as reviewer for several leading international marine biology journals. Currently, he is Review Editor for the journal Aquaculture Environment Interactions.
  • Ecological assessment and monitoring
  • Marine ecology
  • Aquaculture-environment interactions
  • Ecology of seagrass and algal habitats
  • Crustacean ecology
  • Anthropogenic impacts on marine and terrestrial habitats

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  • BIO1070 - Perspectives and Research Methods in Biology
  • BIO1100 - An Introduction to Marine Biology
  • BIO1500 - Introductory Applied Biology
  • BIO2530 - Ecology and Ethology 2
  • BIO3060 - Field Biology - Coastal and Marine Habitats
  • BIO3100 - Marine Biology
  • BIO3110 - Final Year Project in Biology
  • BIO3520 - Natural History of the Maltese Islands
  • BIO3530 - Ecotoxicology
  • BIO3560 - Management of Biological Resources
  • BIO5130 - Topics in Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • BIO5140 - Ecosystem Goods and Services
  • BIO5150 - Terrestrial and Aquatic Food Production 1
  • BIO5155 - Terrestrial and Aquatic Food Production 2
  • BIO5160 - Maintenance of Natural Living Resources
  • BIO5165 - Research Methods in Applied Biology
  • EMP5008 - Biodiversity Conservation: Theory and Application
  • IMS5026 - The Maltese Natural Heritage
  • SCI3501 - Academic Writing and Statistical Techniques for Scientific Research
  • SPI1303 - Introduction to Landscape and Human Impact
  • SPI1711 - Landscape and Human Impact