Dr Keith Buhagiar

Dr Keith Buhagiar

Dr Keith Buhagiar


Visiting Senior Lecturer

Archaelogy Farmhouse
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2046
Keith Buhagiar is a PhD graduate in archaeology from the University of Malta specialising in rural landscape development, related water management systems as well as Maltese and Sicilian medieval and Early Modern cave-settlements and rock-excavated oratories. Dr Buhagiar lectures in Palaeochristian, Byzantine and Medieval archaeology at the Department of Classics and Archaeology and the Faculty of Theology, both at the University of Malta. Research interests include central Mediterranean, North African and Near Eastern water management systems, Late Roman and medieval subterranean burial spaces, cave dwellings and rock-excavated oratories, as well as a Mediterranean settlement location and distribution.
  • Medieval Archaeology
  • Hydrology and Water Management
  • Palaeochristian Archaeology
  • Byzantine Archaeology
  • Medieval troglodytism
  • Landscape research and development
  • Archaeology of settlements

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