Prof. Maria Attard

Prof. Maria Attard

Prof. Maria Attard


Associate Professor

Room 132
Old Humanities Building (OH)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2147

Head of Department

Prof. Maria Attard is the Director and Vice-Chair of the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, a member of Geography with specialisations in the application of Geographic Information Systems and Transport Geography. She has been the academic coordinator of the University's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Laboratory since 1997 and has taught the discipline across a number of faculties as well as raised awareness of GIS as a decision support tool amongst Government and private sector. She is also the coordinator of the annual Summer School in GIS organised in collaboration with leading foreign institutions. After completing her doctoral research at UCL she was also involved in a number of national projects related to land transport. She represented the transport sector on the National Commission for Sustainable Development as well as in other local and international committees dealing with sustainable mobility research and policy. She had published in the areas of transport as well as GIS education.

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  • ANT3038 - Ecology and Culture in the Mediterranean
  • ATS5502 - The Geography of the Mediterranean
  • ATS5511 - Sexuality, Gender and the Body in the Mediterranean
  • GEO1028 - Population, Culture and Society 1
  • GEO1029 - Population, Culture and Society 2
  • GEO2035 - Geographic Information Systems
  • GEO5000 - Directed Studies in Geography
  • ISD5102 - Principles of Sustainability