Dr Marion Zammit Mangion

Dr Marion Zammit Mangion

Dr Marion Zammit Mangion


Senior Lecturer

Room 419
Faculty of Medicine on Campus
Biomedical Science Building
  +356 2340 2284

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  • MDS1021 - Cell Biology and Biochemistry
  • PHB1301 - Dental Biochemistry
  • PHB1302 - Foundations of Biochemistry for Dental Hygienists
  • PHB5050 - Biochemical Research Methods
  • PHB5401 - Fundamentals in Biomedical Engineering for Medics
  • PHB5402 - Fundamentals in Biomedical Engineering for Therapists
  • PHB5403 - Fundamentals in Biomedical Engineering for Scientists
  • PHB5404 - Fundamentals in Biomedical Engineering for Engineers