Prof. Milosh Raykov

Prof. Milosh Raykov

Prof. Milosh Raykov


Associate Professor

Room 230
Humanities B (FEMA)
University of Malta

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  • EDS1106 - Children in Society
  • EDS2001 - Research Methods and Skills
  • EDS5002 - Educational Contexts: Learners and Learning
  • EDS5003 - Educational Contexts: Contexts, Conditions and Communities of Learners
  • EDS5004 - Research Component A: Preparing for the Dissertation
  • EDS5005 - Educational Contexts: Curricula and Pedagogies
  • EDS5015 - Being Employable and Becoming a Lifelong Learner
  • EDS5016 - Career Pathways in Education and Work
  • EDU5971 - Applied Educational Research Methods
  • LLI5009 - Subject-based Pedagogy and Methodology