Dr Philip von Brockdorff

Dr Philip von Brockdorff

Dr Philip von Brockdorff

 B.A.(Hons)(Melit.),M.Sc.(Econ.)(Wales),D.Phil.(York),Grad.CIPD (UK)

Senior Lecturer

Room 305
FEMA Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3528
In view of my previous role in the field of policy, during which I served for seven years as Permanent Secretary, my area is applied economics and therefore the application of economic techniques in specific settings. This is essentially one of two sets of the fields of economics, and my focus is on the application of theory and techniques to address practical issues in a range of fields including demographic economics and transport economics. I tend to use a variety of approaches including empirical estimation analysis or simulations but also case studies, historical analogy and the common sense approach.

Under my watch as Head, the Department of Economics has reviewed its B.Com and Honours programme, introduced an MSc Economics programme comparable with programmes abroad, secured funding through the Central Bank of Malta and reached an academic and student exchange agreement with the School of Economics, University of Edinburgh. Today, members of staff include 5 visiting professors, two from Heriot-Watt University, one from the University of San Diego in the US, and two from the University of Edinburgh. This has boosted both the quality of teaching and research in the Department.

As an applied economist with a focus on applying economic theory and techniques to policy analysis, I have been involved in the economic review of Government policies such as rent policy, minimum wage and sustainable development. My research areas are in the fields of demographic ageing (which was the area of my DPhil studies at the Department of Economics at the University of York, England), transport economics, higher education and human capital and agriculture.

I am also member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and have served as rapporteur for a number of important dossiers requested by the European Commission such as: Pan-European Personal Pension Products; EU Rules Social Security Coordination; Investment Stabilisation Function; and on the role of the euro in international markets. Acting as rapporteur involves meeting with European Commission officials and relevant stakeholders. The final report would have to be approved at one of the Plenary Sessions organised by the EESC.
  • Economics of Ageing and Pensions
  • Transport Economics
  • Human Capital

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  • ECN1005 - Principles of Economics
  • ECN2310 - Introduction to Political Economy
  • ECN4000 - Applied Economics
  • ECN4151 - History of Economic Thought
  • ECN4230 - Cost Benefit Analysis
  • ECN4241 - Economics of Ageing, Pensions and Health
Research work in progress: occupational pensions; intergenerational transfers (pensions); transport; and rent policy.
Member of the European Economic and Social Committee.