Dr Phyllisienne Vassallo Gauci

Dr Phyllisienne Vassallo Gauci

Dr Phyllisienne Vassallo Gauci



Room 11 Blk A
Porta Cabins Car Park 6
University of Malta
Phyllisienne Vassallo Gauci has a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Verona, together with a Master of Arts, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Malta. She is an applied linguist with a strong interest in second language acquisition (SLA). Apart from being a researcher she is also a qualified teacher and has taught in many different educational contexts, including primary, secondary and post-secondary schools and academic institutions. Before joining the University of Malta's Department of Inclusion and Access to Learning, Dr Vassallo Gauci worked at the Migrant Learners' Unit, within the Ministry for Education and Employment where she was in charge of teaching, teacher training and mentoring and implementation of EU projects in relation to peace and migrant learner education.

In 2014 she was appointed Local Curriculum Development Expert to contribute to the Learning Outcomes Framework Project (ESF 1.228) for the Learning Area Languages. For a number of years, she acted as the local representative for the FREPA (Framework of REference for Pluralistic Approaches to languages and cultures) project within the Council of Europe to which she has also contributed through the organisation of national seminars and the production and divulgation of teaching materials. In 2016 she was appointed coordinator of the national campaign for the promotion of foreign languages and multilingualism in Malta.

Dr Vassallo Gauci's areas of specialisation and research interests include teacher training; second language acquisition; multilingualism; and interlanguage, cross-cultural and intercultural pragmatics. Besides articles in journals and conference proceedings, in 2012 she co-authored a book on the teaching and development of pragmatic competence for language learners. Her research experience includes work related to the Council of Europe, higher education and curriculum development in various local and international research projects.
  • Interlanguage and Intercultural Pragmatics
  • Multilingualism
  • Migrant Learner Education
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • L2 Italian

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  • EDS5003 - Educational Contexts: Contexts, Conditions and Communities of Learners
  • EDU5917 - Impact of Bilingualism and Multilingualism on Learning
  • EDU5925 - Transdisciplinary Teamwork
  • IAL2009 - Curriculum Knowledge: Language Learning in Secondary Years
  • IAL2014 - The Development of Communication and Language
  • IAL2016 - Study-Skills for Inclusive Education
  • IAL3007 - The Multilingual and Multicultural Classroom
  • IAL5001 - Themes in Education 2
  • LHA5013 - Teaching Maltese as a Foreign Language in Context
  • LHE5001 - Second Language Acquisition – Theory, Practice and Research
  • LHI5005 - L'insegnamento dell'italiano L2 nel programma scolastico / Teaching Italian L2 within the Curriculum