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Prof. Ray Fabri
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Prof. Ray Fabri


Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology
Room 17
Block A
Car Park 6
University of Malta
contact+356 2340 2425

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Research Interests & Publications

Research Interests

  • language typology
  • writing systems
  • Maltese grammar
  • language models
  • morpho-syntax

Lecturing Portfolio

Academic Year 2017/18

ARI5905 - Research Topics in Natural Language Processing
LIN1024 - Hands-on Language
LIN1032 - Formal Foundations for Linguistics
LIN1060 - Tools and Techniques in the Analysis of Language
LIN1070 - Grammar (Syntax and Morphology)
LIN1170 - Morphology
LIN1270 - Syntax
LIN2022 - Models of Grammar
LIN2024 - From Data to Theory in Linguistics
LIN2500 - Second Year Placement
LIN3001 - Synoptic Study-Unit: Topics in General Linguistics
LIN3002 - Synoptic Study-Unit: Interdisciplinary Linguistics
LIN3010 - Language Typology and Universals
LIN3060 - Current Issues in Linguistics
LIN3095 - Writing Systems
LIN3500 - Third Year Placement
LIN5022 - Grammar Models
MAL1046 - Elementi Sintattiċi u l-Punteġġjatura
MAL3003 - Il-Morfoloġija Inflettiva tal-Malti


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