Rev. Dr Ray Zammit

Rev. Dr Ray Zammit

Rev. Dr Ray Zammit


Senior Lecturer

Room 324
Humanities A (Laws,Theology,Criminology)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2661
Rev. Dr Raymond Zammit read for a B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology, an S.Th.B. and an S.Th.L. at the University of Malta. He then furthered his postgraduate studies at the Academia Alfonsiana (Lateran University, Rome) where he obtained a Licentiate in Moral Theology with a specialization in bioethics, submitting a dissertation entitled Eugenics: Past, Present and Future (June 2002). Doctoral research was pursued both at the Alfonsiana and at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics (Georgetown University, Washington, DC) where he was accepted as a research scholar (2004). In January 2006, he successfully defended his S.Th.D. dissertation on Children's Right to Participate in Medical Decision Making. Currently, he teaches a number of courses on social and professional ethics, bioethics, Catholic social teaching, business ethics, ethics in criminal justice, and the relationship between faith and science.

Dr Zammit currently chairs the Professional Ethics Platform at the Faculty of Theology. He is a member of the Health Ethics Committee of the Department of Health as well as a member of the Bioethics Reflection Group of COMECE. Between 2008 and 2013, he was also a member of Malta's national Bioethics Consultative Committee. He was also a member of Cost Action IS1201: Disaster Bioethics (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).
  • Bioethics
  • Professional Ethics
  • Business Ethics
  • Criminal Justice Ethics
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Faith and Science

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ZAMMIT, R., 2007. Children’s Right to Participate in Medical Decision Making (Excerpt), Academia Alfonsiana, Rome.

  • HSC5123 - Critical/Creative Thinking in Ethical Applications to Health Care
  • IHC2012 - Ethics for Health Professions and Ethical Dilemmas
  • MDS1023 - Introduction to Medical Ethics and Professionalism
  • MDS2034 - Psychological and Social Aspects of Health Care and Ethics
  • MRT1020 - Catholic Social Teaching
  • MRT1050 - Perspectives in Moral Theology
  • MRT1090 - Ethics in Food and Nutrition
  • MRT2013 - Ethics in the Criminal Justice System
  • MRT3300 - Politics, Economics and Theology
  • MRT3340 - Bioethics
  • MRT5210 - Research Ethics
  • MRT5240 - The Best Interests of the Child - Ethical and Legal Aspects
  • MRT5270 - Neuroethics, Mental Health and Psychiatric Ethics
  • MRT5850 - Social Ministry from a Human Rights Perspective
  • NUR1007 - Nursing the Older Adult
  • PLC5810 - Specific Areas in Liturgy (Homiletics and Confession)
  • SCI3502 - Professional and Technical Skills for Scientists
  • SOC5009 - The Body, Medicine and Health
  • SOC5016 - Health, Knowledge and Practice