Prof. Richard Muscat

Prof. Richard Muscat

Prof. Richard Muscat



Room 105
Biomedical Sciences Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3784
Richard Muscat is Head of the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry at the Faculty Of Medicine & Surgery and the Director of the Centre for Molecular Medicine & Biobanking. His primary research interest is that related to the brain mechanisms that subserve goal directed behaviour. In attempting to address this issue the Laboratory of Behavioural Neuroscience at the University of Malta has been instrumental in developing models of anhedonia that have provided insights into the brain areas, neuronal circuits and chemical transmitters involved in changes in rewarded behaviour.
  • Neuroscience

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  • LAW5081 - National and international Legal Provisions Impacting Addictive Behaviour
  • MDS2032 - Nervous System 1
  • MDS2033 - Nervous System 2
  • PHB2015 - Neurophysiology
  • PHB3503 - From Molecular to Translational Neuroscience
  • PHB5406 - Advances in Evidence Based Policy, Prevention and Practice
  • PHB5407 - Special Topics in Addiction Studies
  • PSY5112 - Behavioural Addictions
  • SWB5004 - Social Policy and Social Contexts of Addiction