Prof. Simone Borg

Prof. Simone Borg

Prof. Simone Borg



Room 308
University of Malta
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Prof Simone Borg read for a doctorate degree in laws (LL.D.) in 1991 and a Magister Juris degree in International in 1994 from the University of Malta. In 2009, she obtained her Ph.D. on the Conservation of Marine Natural Resources at the International Maritime Law Institute. Prof Borg worked for the public sector from 1991 to 2004 first as a First Secretary with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then Head of the Legal and Multilateral Affairs Section within the Ministry of the Environment. During this time she was mainly responsible for negotiating Malta's position in International Environmental Multilateral Agreements, the drafting of legislation and legal policy making in environmental law. She coordinated the transposition of the environmental and energy acquis communautaire during Malta's negotiations to become an EU member State. She also participated in various research projects with the European Union and the United Nations. Prof Simone Borg served as the first Chairperson to Malta's Occupational Health and Safety Authority. Presently, she is Chair of the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Head of Department of the Environmental law and Resources law within the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta. Prof Borg is also a visiting lecturer at: the Catholic University of Leuven, the IMO's International Maritime Law Institute and the University of Auckland in New Zealand. She has published law books as well as many articles and papers in law journals. She is a Co Chair of the Forum of European Legal Experts on Climate Change Adaptation and Chair of the Platform of University of Malta Academics on Climate Change. She is the director of the International Master of Arts Programme in Ocean Governance and a Fellow of the Sustainability Institute Bruges. Prof Simone is an Expert on the European Union Expert Team for Horizon 2020 SC5 Advisory Group.She has recently been awarded the Order of Merit by the President of France for her work in environmental law.
  • International Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Climate Change Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • International Maritime Law
  • Conservation of Marine Resources
  • Energy Law

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  • EER5203 - Sustainable Development Law and Policy
  • ENR3010 - Sustainable Engineering
  • ERL1001 - Development Planning Legislation
  • ERL2004 - Basic Notions of Environmental and Planning Law
  • ERL3001 - Principles of International Environmental Law
  • ERL4000 - Climate Change and International Law
  • EST3190 - European Environmental Law and Policy
  • GSC5103 - Multilateral Diplomacy and International Rule-making and Regional Sea Governance Policy Simulation Exercise
  • INL2000 - Basic Principles of International Law
  • INL3000 - Selected Topics in International Law
  • IRL2075 - Environmental Issues in International Relations
  • MCT1005 - Introduction to Law
  • SPI1711 - Landscape and Human Impact